5 Recipes That Make Following the Mediterranean Diet Super Easy

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New diets come and go every year, all promising to totally transform your health. And while the avocado-filled ketogenic diet is undoubtedly trendy, the trusty Mediterranean diet remains the tried-and-true darling of the health world. It's been shown to help you live longer, enjoy better gut health and stronger bones, and keep your heart healthy. (It was ranked the best diet of 2019 for a reason!)

Another big perk: Unlike other eating plans that come with long lists of rules and restrictions on what you can and cannot eat, the Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most...chill eating plans out there. The focus is on foods high in omega-3s and healthy fats (hello, olive oil!), along with tons of fruits and veggies, legumes, nuts, and some nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Red wine is encouraged. What's not to love?

See what a registered dietitian has to say about the Mediterranean diet in the video below:

Mediterranean diet newbies could certainly roast some salmon with some olive oil and call it a day. But if you're looking for some more cooking inspo, check out these delicious (and easy) Mediterranean diet recipes that will help you reap all of those benefits.

These 5 Mediterranean diet recipes will help you stay healthy in 2019.

Recipes that make following the Mediterranean diet easy
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1. Mediterranean chickpea salad

In just 15 minutes, you'll have a veggie-packed bowl loaded with protein-filled chickpeas, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, all tossed with a tasty vinaigrette.

Recipes that make following the Mediterranean diet easy
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2. Easy vegan falafel

Falafels are a Mediterranean diet staple, and this version made from chickpeas gets a healthy remix by being sautéd—not deep fried. Stuff them in a pita and add some greens and hummus, and you've got lunch.

Recipes that make following the Mediterranean diet easy
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3. Mediterranean quinoa bowl

This colorful bowl is filled with quinoa, cucumbers, kale, olives, hummus, olive oil—basically everything necessary for Mediterranean diet 101.

Recipes that make following the Mediterranean diet easy
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4. Mediterranean stuffed sweet potatoes

Love sweet potatoes? Give them a Mediterranean twist by stuffing them with marinated chickpeas, a creamy avocado tahini sauce, and feta cheese.

Recipes that make following the Mediterranean diet easy
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5. Mediterranean cauliflower rice tabbouleh bowl

This combo of artichokes, cubed tofu, cauliflower rice, green olives, hemp hearts, hummus, and plenty of veggies is the perfect make-ahead option for work lunches. And it's vegan and gluten-free, too, if that's your thing.

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