Exclusive: Medmen, the “Apple Store of Cannabis,” Launches Its First Wellness-Focused Product Line

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It's no secret that in the post-legalization (in some states) world, cannabis has become a darling of the wellness industry. The plant's growing popularity as a therapy for premenstrual syndrome, low libido, anxiety, insomnia, and more has many people who would never have dreamed of "smoking weed" when their bad-influence friends were doing so in high school now spending *all their money* at dispensaries in order to feel better—whatever that may mean for them.

It's this customer, as well as those seeking medical treatment (for things like pain managementand those who just want to have fun, that MedMen seeks to service with a new line of high-end cannabis products called [statemade], which launches today at the company's newest store in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, Daniel Yi, VP of Corporate Communications for MedMen, tells me that co-founder Andrew Modlin says the target demographic's cannabis goals below in at least one of three buckets: health, wellness, and enjoyment.

MedMen products
Courtesy of MedMen

As such, [statemade]'s products, Yi tells me, are named in order to highlight the effect of the plant rather than the plant itself (so instead of "OG Cush," you've got "joy"). The line comprises seven different varieties, each one aimed at helping you achieve a certain state of mind—happiness, enlightenment, fluidity, activity, rest, balance, and wellness (the last is CBD-only).

Right now, [statemade] is only available in Nevada because that's where it's produced (by MedMen) and federal law prohibits cannabis from being moved between states. This means that when the line reaches your stomping ground, as it will for California in late 2019 and other states in the future (if the brand gets its way), the cannabis used for its products will be locally grown in your own backyard (so to speak). The line is also organic and sustainable—the facility that produces the plants (and all such facilities built by the company moving forward) uses environmentally friendly LED lighting and recycles its water, among other eco-conscious measures.

Though the focus for now, Yi tells me, is selling [statemade] through MedMen stores, at some point the company could stock the line in other dispensaries as well. And eventually, the goal is for the company, which is already valued at $2.2 billion, to have a foothold in all 50 states—"if the federal provision [making marijuana illegal] ends—and all arrows point in that direction," Yi says. This reach will assuredly continue to expand MedMen's demographic, which Yi tells me has always been eclectic. "Young, old...the only commonality is that they're all seeking cannabis," Yi says. Just "for different reasons." All of which—e.g. happiness, Zen, balance, etc.—I'd argue, stem from one common goal: to be well

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