Meet the Healthy It-Dogs of Instagram

Photo: Instagram/@ps.ny

Mesmerizing smoothie pours, wanderlust inspiration, and dreamy home design are key ingredients in the recipe for an addictive Instagram account—whether the poster has two legs or four.

Humans aren't the only social media influencers taking their health seriously. These pups stick to raw, high-protein diets, choose natural beauty—I'm sorry, grooming—products, and never turn down the chance to get active in the great outdoors. And, best of all, they're always up for a serious cuddle sesh under the covers. (Sleep is integral to a healthy life, after all.)

And, best of all, they're always up for a serious cuddle sesh under the covers.

From their taste for avocado smoothies (served sans straw) to their love of trendy activewear, these dogs are shelling out some serious wellness inspo.

Keep scrolling for 5 healthy pooches you're going to want to follow on Instagram immediately (you can thank me later).

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Tuna is a snaggletoothed chiweenie with a zest for life as big as his ears. Always the dapper date, he loves dressing up and going for poké bowls—just make his with extra sweet potato. Tuna and his mom, Courtney, also run a blog called The Traveling Tuna where they share pet-friendly destinations and nutritious dog food finds. On a recent trip , they even discovered a place that serves non-alcoholic CharDOGnay and ZinfanTAIL.

Healthiest dogs on Instagram
Photo: Instagram/@lokithewolfdog


Loki the wolfdog (okay, he's technically a mix of husky, arctic wolf, and malamute) will inspire you to see the world. He started backcountry snowboarding with his dad when he was only four months old, and they haven't stopped traveling since. Based in Denver, Colorado, the pair has trekked through most of the Western United States and made trips to Canada and Alaska. It's enough to make you want to grab your own pooch and get exploring.

Photo: Instagram/@ps.ny


Cookie is a New York-based toy poodle with a love for kale, smoothies, and getting cozy—and (you caught him) occasionally causing trouble. He only eats sustainable, human-grade raw meals with tons of fruits and veggies (and given the chance, he'll steal your snack, too). Head over to his account, run by his photographer mom Olia, for a pink and green wonderland filled with succulents, chia seed puddings, and general cuteness overload.

Photo: Instagram/ @missproutprout


Hermes the French bulldog gives Parisian it-girls a run for their money. Always chic, he prefers to dress in black and white (he can't see color, after all), but will make the occasional exception for a delightful flower crown. His mom runs the blog Missproutprout, where she shares information about medical conditions common to bulldogs (such as atopic dermatitis and brachycephalic syndrome) as well as the natural products she uses to keep Hermes healthy and happy.

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Brothers Watson and Kiko are big fans of fruit, frolicking, and cuddling. When they aren't mugging for the camera, you can find these Washington-based retrievers outside with their mom or splashing in the surf. In order to keep their coats healthy and gleaming, Watson and Kiko alternate between raw meals and nutritious kibble supplemented with veggies and fish oil. Either way, they might be eating better than you are.

Want to make your dog a part of your healthy lifestyle? Try adding Fido to your fitness routine. And if you're currently pet-less, here's the science-backed reason to add a furry friend to your family.

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