The First Wellness Purchase Our Editors Would’ve Made If They’d Won the Lottery

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By now, you've probably heard there's a secret someone in South Carolina that's the proud new owner of a hefty $1.5 billion dollars thanks to the Mega Millions lottery. Or, you know, $878 million in cash before taxes. (And you're welcome, you lucky dog, you—I personally contributed around $30 to your newfound riches over the past week.) While this is great news for one person, the rest of us who were banking on the slightly small chance (AKA 1 in 302,575,350) of becoming more wealthy than Taylor Swift are sadly back at square one. But that doesn't mean we still can't dream a little, right?

Wellness can be a little pricey. SoulCycle classes are around $34 a class, matcha lattes add up quick, leggings now cost more than a pair of nice jeans, and going on a relaxing vacay to a tropical oasis? Yeah, it's probably going to set you back a bit. All in all, these purchases certainly make your life better, but it's not exactly something everyone can just pull out their credit card for without first building it into their budget. With a lottery win, though, that could all change.

With millions of dollars dropped into your bank account, it might be hard to decide what your very first wellness-focused purchase would be with so many options. Honestly...not that hard, though.

Here's exactly what Well+Good editors would spend their money on if they won the lottery.

1. A dream vacay to a tropical island

"If I won the lotto, I would spend a month at The Brando, living out my luxe mermaid dreams, learning a thing or two, and chumming it up with celebs. Or I'd spend a day with Kelly Slater Wave Co, living out my childhood dream of becoming a professional surfer." —Ella Dove, video producer and strategist

2. An infrared sauna

"As a full-time freelance health and fitness writer, six-day-a-week CrossFitter, and a when-I-have-time-for-it recovery junkie, if money was limitless (*gets dreamy look on face*), I'd suit up my small Manhattan apartment with a luxe AF infrared sauna that's big enough for two—date night win, amiright? Post-WOD, infrared saunas are my fave fix for my tight muscle woes. And bonus: they really clear up my skin. Even if science doesn't totally back up that they're the holy grail of wellness, I can't think of a better way to warm up on cold winter days." —Gabrielle Kassel, editorial intern

3. All the class packs to boutique studios

"I'd buy class packs to all my favorite boutique studios with abandon. Typically, I wait for flash sales and only purchase sessions as a treat to supplement my regular fitness routine. But if I won the lottery? I'd go to whatever class I wanted, whenever—and I'd probably take an Uber to get there." —Alexis Gutter, senior lifestyle editor

4. A Peloton bike...and treadmill

"If I won the lotto, one of my first purchases would definitely be the Peloton bike. And, okay, the treadmill, too because why not? I can just imagine them in my new penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park and me casually Instagramming my #workoutviews. Hey, a girl can dream!" —Emily Laurence, senior food and health editor

5. A full-time masseuse and nutritionist

"If I won the lottery, I would 100 percent hire a full-time masseuse, get a nutritionist, and buy a house that had room for my own Pilates studio inside (#nyc #littlethings) and go on the most lavish wellness retreat. (If you want a wellness retreat on a budget, check out ourswink, wink.) Or, maybe a float tank!? I would also buy SoulCycle unlimited for me and my sisters." —Ems McCarthy, digital designer

6. A boutique fitness studio

"If I won the lottery, I would totally quit my job and retrain as some sort of boutique fitness instructor, then launch my own studio." —Kate Spies, VP of content and audience development

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