This ‘Toe Deodorant’ Keeps My Feet From Smelling Like Hot Trash in Winter Boots

Photo: Getty Images/ ianmcdonnell
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Historically, whenever I've gone over to a friend's "shoe-free" home during the winter months, I've panicked. The thought of taking off my boots to reveal my sweaty, stinky feet for all to see (rather, smell) filled me with so much anxiety that I tended to avoid these plans altogether—or at the very least, plan my footwear (and with that, my outfit choice) accordingly. But this year, I can live without fear of socks-only social gatherings, thanks to Lavender Mint Toe Deo Odor-Blocking Foot Spray ($14).

The brand's founder,  body-positive influencer and Body Talk author Katie Sturino (check her out on our Podcast, here), set out to deliver solutions to life's most embarrassing beauty problems. She's developed products to battle boob sweat, chafing, and body acne, and now, smelly feet. Thanks to cute, candy-colored packaging and messaging that confirms that these are things we all deal with, the line makes it feel like these issues aren't anything to be ashamed of—they're just another step in your beauty routine.

Not only does the foot spray smell like lavender and mint (a far better choice than "boot stench," in my opinion), but it also has many of the same ingredients you'd find in a standard, pit-friendly D.O to help prevent smell. On the odor-fighting front, it's made with plant-based alcohol, which kills odor-causing bacteria, plus a natural compound called saccharomyces ferment that contains live "odor-eating enzymes." There's also witch hazel in the mix, which shrinks your pores to reduce the production of sweat, plus tea-tree oil, which comes along with natural disinfecting properties.

I've taken to spritzing my feet with the mist before placing them in my shoes (which is what the directions tell you to do), then adding a few extra sprays to the inside of my shoes themselves (which is not recommended, but I figure it can't hurt). And now, when I take them off at the end of the day, I don't have to worry about emitting the hot garbage scent that I've come to associate with winter footwear.

Unlike most other deodorizing foot sprays, which you can pick up in the "foot problems" section of the drugstore (a place where I don't love hanging out, for fear of running into my ex-boyfriends), this stuff is available next to your favorite eyeshadow palettes and perfumes at Ulta—which makes it feel like just as much a part of my daily beauty routine as my skin-care and makeup applications. My nose (and, if we're being honest, my dog's and friends' and boyfriend's noses) are thankful for it.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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