I’m Not Big on Trying New Things, so I Challenged Myself to My First Ever Megaformer Class—Here’s What Happened

For me, routine is everything. I want to know what I'm eating every day (I show up to restaurants having read the full menu), what my weekend plans are (five days early), and I absolutely cannot see a movie in theaters unless I'm there an hour before showtime.

Since I'm a little too in control, I decided to add "trying new things" to my list of new year's goals. (You're welcome, 2020 Alex.) First up: Getting on the kombucha train. For some reason, I had never gotten in on the fermented drink movement, but in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone, I've been sipping on KeVita's probiotic drinks as my go-to post-workout bev (PSA: they're pretty delicious).

The next frontier for trying new things: my workout routine. I'm typically a treadmill-only kind of gal, so to switch it up, I challenged myself to try my first ever megaformer workout class at Lagree New York.

I won't lie to you, I was more than nervous (think, going to your first gym class in middle school nervous)—but once I met with Lagree founder Laurie Benenati, who showed me how the looks-like-a-torture-device machines work and explained each of the moves, I felt so much more at ease.

Okay, I don't want to give up too much juicy (very, very sweaty) info on how my megaformer workout went, but tune in to see if I killed it or not. Here's a small hint, though: I've been sore for a week.

Watch the video above to watch me take on my first megaformer workout class ever.

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