How Megan Roup Ditched Perfectionism and Followed Her Gut to Become a Fitness Phenom

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In the Follow Your Gut® spotlight, The Sculpt Society creator Megan Roup shares how listening to her instincts helped her turn her dream job into a realityand the daily habits (like sipping Health-Ade kombucha) that she counts on to mentally and physically recharge.

Whether you're experiencing Megan Roup's infectious energy in the studio or in your living room (via obé's streaming workout platform), one thing is clear: She's got megawatt energy and a style all her own. But before she took on New York City's fitness scene—and then conquered laptop screens everywhere—it took a leap of faith.

“Often, we’re overwhelmed with the idea of change or don’t want to start until everything is perfect,” says Roup, who swapped a professional dance career for fitness entrepreneurship. “But unless you start, nothing will happen. There is power in action, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have all the answers, you just need to start.”

Fast forward to today, and the The Sculpt SocietyRoup's answer to an approachable, empowering, and welcoming boutique fitness methodis one of NYC's most buzzed about classes, with celeb clients like supermodels Elsa Hosk and Shanina Shaik.

“There is power in action, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have all the answers, you just need to start.”

But to get there, Roup had to learn how to listen to her gut. "My biggest hard-earned lesson (something I'm still working on) and something I hope to help clients with through movement is to get out of your head," Roup says. "So much noise is created from fear, doubt, and negative self-talk—the more we can get out of our own way and feel good, the better."

If you're chasing dreams and hoping to let go of perfectionism, dig into the tried-and-true pointers from Roup about the everyday essential healthy habits ("Exercise through dance is my moving meditation") that help her feel her best to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Keep reading for the healthy habits and wellness essentials Megan Roup counts on for mind-and-body rejuvenation.

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Photo: Health-Ade Kombucha

1. Dig into daily habits that make you feel best

After struggling with perfectionism and yo-yo dieting in her 20s, Roup has learned to nourish her body intuitively with whole foods and treats when the mood strikes.

“I was sick of wasting so much time obsessing over my diet,” she said. “I went cold turkey [from diets] and once I did that, everything began to click. I relaxed into my body, I changed how I talked to myself, and I began to listen and connect with myself.”

Nowadays, she relies on daily habits that energize her, which includes gulping down a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, sipping an almond-milk latte, and connecting with her favorite people (calling her family or meeting a friend for coffee) whenever possible.

Oh, and Health-Ade kombucha whenever the mood strikes, too. "I really love the ginger-lemon and jalapeño-kiwi-cucumber," she says. "Kombucha feels like a treat at the end of the day for me, something I look forward to having with dinner." Easy as that.

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Photo: Megan Roup

2. Take time to rest and reset

When the exuberant trainer isn't in front of the studio or recording on-demand workouts for obé, she's prioritizing high-quality chill time.

“Resetting is so important,” says Roup, whose resets with infrared sauna visits, weekly massages, and catching up on sleep. “I often opt for more sleep over going to an event.”

Even during jam-packed weeks, she prioritizes small work breaks. “Learning to say no has been important in maintaining my energy levels,” she says. “As a trainer, you’re giving your clients so much of your own energy, it’s important to recharge through a rest day and self care.” 

Megan Roup
Photo: Megan Roup

3. Boost your wellness when you can

There’s no need to stress yourself out when you’re striving to boost your wellbeing. "My general advice for women looking to step up their wellness routine is take baby steps," says Roup.

But if you specifically want to step it up in the exercise department, Roup recommends finding a studio or movement modality that makes you feel good. Then try committing to doing it two or three times weekly. "Over time, it'll become easier to add onto that routine as you become stronger," she says. Preach.

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