Megan Thee Stallion Is Starting a ‘Hottie’ Revolution Rooted in Well-Being—Here Are 3 Lessons We Can All Learn From Her Latest Nike Collab

Photo: Nike
Channel this: You’re out for a morning walk in a new pair of Nikes, your favorite high-rise leggings that hug in all the right places, an oversized bomber, and a fresh set of sunnies. You’re rocking a baseball cap under headphones, and "Savage" just came on shuffle. It’s a vibe.

We see your hottie-walk formula, and we raise you an even more confidence-boosting one. Nike's latest partnership with Megan Thee Stallion is designed to celebrate and cultivate a "Hottie State of Mind"—no matter what you’re doing, how you’re moving, or what you look like. “To have a Hottie State of Mind means to be unapologetically you," the three-time Grammy award-winning artist and designer says. "Just to have fun and stand in your truth.”

Ultimately, the hottie revolution is all about cultivating and celebrating wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Nike explains the mindset as “an energy, an attitude, and a new way to move. It’s how you show up for yourself and others. It’s loving and being kind to yourself and prioritizing your physical and mental health. And it’s always walking with your head held high—because hotties know being your best starts from within.”

If this sounds like the kind of movement you want in on (because what’s the downside?), let Nike's hottie-inspired gear encourage you to explore what makes you feel like your best self—then consider the lessons Megan Thee Stallion's collab is giving, and how you might pass them on.

1. Movement is for everybody (and every kind of body)

You don’t have to be a retired track star to join a run club, or a semi-professional weightlifter to snag a bench at the gym, or a contortionist to attend a yoga class. There’s no new news here, and yet the status-quo standards in fitness and beauty still want to convince you otherwise.

Megan Thee Stallion is here to remind you that movement is about finding and fostering joy—and that it’s for everybody (and every kind of body) regardless of age, size, or ability. From statement-making long-sleeve crop tops to classic biker shorts that hug *just* right, Nike's 'fits are designed to help you move with style and confidence, whether you’re out for a wellness walk, running to yoga, or rolling up to a day party.

2. Inclusivity and accessibility is the ultimate hottie mindset

Just as there’s no right and wrong when it comes to moving your body, there’s no invite-only list for wearing athleisure—but the fashion world has told a different story for *way* too long. Megan Thee Stallion’s approach to mental and physical well-being is all about embracing who you are—and with Nike, she’s working to create a more welcoming wellness community.

One way she's doing that is by championing products that are body-inclusive (with a size spectrum ranging from XS to 3X), accessible for all kinds of movement and all levels of athleticism, and priced affordably. The lesson? It’s hot to be inclusive.

3. Hotness isn’t about how you look—it’s a feeling

We're totally here for feeling yourself in a new outfit, but the hottie revolution is about so much more than looking your best. Megan Thee Stallion considers fashion an empowering way to express individuality (just take the iconic Air Max 97 sneakers you can customize with her hand-selected charms and finishes). "I look to wear things that make me feel confident. That make me feel strong. That make me feel like a superhero," she says.

The bottom line? Your radiance on the outside starts with your power on the inside and, ICYMI, being yourself is seriously hot. So take a cue from Megan Thee Stallion and get yourself in a hottie state of mind, stat.

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