Here’s How Compatible Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are, According to an Astrologer

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There's really no doubt about it: Even though they came from two totally different worlds—across a pretty large pond!—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem like they have a true fairy-tale romance. (Like, c'mon—they even share a love of bananas.) But astrologically, just how compatible is this engaged regal duo?

Bustle looked into their zodiac signs and found they're also a dream team astrologically. In fact, it seems that with Prince Harry, a Virgo, and Markle, a Leo, opposites totally attract.

"Their charts don't scream high-level compatibility. His Virgo sun is more fastidious and conservative, while her Leo sun is more playful and fun," says Jennifer Racioppi, astrologer behind Chart Your Success. "That said, he has a Uranus/Mars conjunction in fire sign Sagittarius, which encourages big-picture thinking, and it trines her sun sign exactly. She has a lot of Libra in her chart—Moon/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto—and does well with long-term relationships and partnerships. He has a Taurus moon—so when he commits to something, he really goes all in."

"She'll do well in the royal family—her Libra grants her a great deal of social grace and her Leo sun gives her the ability to do well in the spotlight." —Jennifer Racioppi, astrologer

These qualities, though different, actually make them a really solid pair.

"The thing about Virgos is they actually need some alone time, and they think things through before taking any leap, so... given that he proposed, he's very serious about her," Racioppi says. "She'll do well in the royal family—her Libra grants her a great deal of social grace, and her Leo sun gives her the ability to do well in the spotlight. She also has Venus in Virgo, which means really understands Harry on an intimate level and shares some of his needs. She has a very regal chart."

Their sign compatibility isn't the only exciting factor worth your attention. The royal wedding date—May 19, 2018—is super lucky, according to Modern Wedding. "The Chinese believe that any date that ends in an 8 or 9 is particularly lucky as [eight] [symbolizes] infinity and [nine] represents fulfillment."

So, obviously these two are #relationshipgoals in more ways than one. Now, let the countdown to their big day begin.

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