Meghan Markle’s Favorite White Sneakers Are Actually Affordable

Photo: Getty Images/Dan Kitwood
It turns out Kate Middleton isn't the only duchess who likes bargain shopping for sneakersMeghan Markle go-to trainers are a pair of Reebok's Classic Leathers in the color white/gum, according to People.

She started sporting them way before she became the Duchess of Sussex—particularly on her walks to yoga class. And the best part? They don't have a sky-high price tag, meaning you don't have to live in a palace to lace up a pair. They cost $75, which is hundreds of dollars less than many of the designer options available. They're also totally in line with Markle's all-white activewear style.

The retro kicks are already a total steal, but Reebok also has its very fittingly-named Princess sneakers that have a similar look for a mere $55, and Topshop's Cookie Lace Up Trainers are just $40. (Both of which are leather-free, btw.)

In case you think is just some fluke of financial savviness, you should know that affordable athleisure isn't the only accessible part of Markle's wellness routine. Her ultimate beauty essentialtea tree oil—is also available on the cheap for under $10. She uses it on everything from cuts and mosquito bites to breakouts. And her new cookbook is not only dedicated to empowering women, but it's also available for $13. Wonder if Markle's anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe made the cut?

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