Here’s Where To Get Meghan Markle’s Zodiac Necklace—And 7 Just Like It

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When you hear "Meghan Markle Sparkle," a few things come to mind. Her gorgeous, almost-blinding smile is probably number one, followed by her seemingly flawless skin, and then, of course, her impeccable style.

Now, the Duchess of Sussex is giving new life to her iconic "Markle Sparkle" after wearing two stunning zodiac constellation necklaces that have already taken the internet by storm.

Yesterday, Markle celebrated her 40th birthday by sharing a video message on her and Prince Harry's website announcing her new 40x40 mentorship program. The program itself sounds exciting—Markle is encouraging, "friends, activists, athletes, artists, and world leaders," to donate 40 minutes of mentorship to women re-entering the workforce. But the real show-stoppers were the two dainty zodiac constellation necklaces she wore around her neck, that sent online trend-spotters in a tailspin.

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It's reported that the necklaces are from a L.A. fine jewelry designer called Logan Hollowell, which uses recycled gold and fairly sourced gemstones from around the world in its designs. While certainly trendy, the pieces have more sentimental meaning to Markle than just being a cute, minimalist accessory. Turns out, she layers them for her real shining stars: her son Archie, who's a Taurus born May, 6 2019, and her daughter Lilibet, who's a Gemini born just this June. (Yup, our heads are tilted with our palms over our hearts.)

Want your own "Markle Sparkle?" The Logan Hollowell versions come with a hefty price tag, but there are others which are similar. If you're willing to splurge or want an affordable dupe, keep scrolling— below are eight versions of the Meghan Markle zodiac necklace to shop for an accessory fit for royals.

Zodiac sign necklaces to shop for your own "Meghan Markle Sparkle"

Logan Hallowell Diamond Constellation Necklace — $1,600.00

Here it is—the very necklace Markle wore in her first public appearance since giving birth to her daughter, Lili. Starting at $925 for the white sapphire version, it’s a luxurious purchase that varies in price depending on your metal and gemstone preferences. It’s available in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold with diamonds or white sapphires.

Dainty Zodiac Necklace by ElegantSwan — $28.00

Don’t have thousands to spare on a piece of jewelry? Not to worry—Etsy has tons of affordable dupes, all made by independent business owners. This delicate necklace by ElegantSwan comes in a variety of gold, silver, and rose gold lengths, ranging from 14-21 inches long. Select your sign and your length, then add to your cart for an elegant accessory that looks close to the real thing.

Sterling Silver Zodiac Necklace Constellation Jewelry by Espere — $30.00

Leave it to Amazon to have a solid copy-cat for celebrity style. This $30 silver constellation necklace is a budget-friendly alternative to Markle’s sparkly accessory. The stars feature bezel-set zirconia stones that looks shiny and chic offset by the silver. It comes on a 16-inch chain and is available in all 12 zodiac signs.

18k Gold Diamond Necklace by Genevieve Collection — $451.00

Also available on Amazon are these stunning, luxury necklaces designed by Genevieve Collection, an independent fine jewelry brand. It’s expensive, as its designed using 18k gold and real diamonds— however, it’s a fraction of Markle’s designer version. Just note: Stock is limited, so shop fast. Available in both white and yellow gold.

Eve's Addiction Birthstone Gold Constellation Necklace — $55.00

Instead of having gemstones in every star, Eve’s Addiction’s delicate necklace features metal beads to make the constellation with one, stand-out birthstone in each design. And no, you’re not stuck with the birthstone associated with your month—you can pick whichever stone you’d like to feature, making it a budget-friendly, customizable option. Available in gold and silver.

Mejuri Zodiac Necklace Vermail — $90.00

Mejuri’s zodiac collection is a bit different than Markle’s version, but it just as pretty and versatile. Rather than donning a full constellation, Mejuri’s necklaces use a pendant to display gemstone starbursts, sans lines. It’s minimal enough to be an everyday necklace, adding just enough sparkle to any outfit. Available in a gold vermeil/white sapphire combo or sterling silver/white sapphire combo.

Gorjana Astrology Coin Necklace — $65.00

Similar to Mejuri’s version, this trendy gold necklace by Gorjana skips the cut-out constellation for a coin pendant. The textured coin adds a vintage feel, akin to something you’d find in a Greek or Roman temple. It’s available in a range of lengths, including 26 and 34-inch options that are perfect for layering.

Nordstrom Zodiac Disc Pendant Necklace — $49.00

For less than $50, treat yourself, or a loved one, to this astro-inspired pendant necklace. Each necklace has two charms: one, main pendant that features a constellation design with crystal stars, and another, smaller charm that sports a matching zodiac symbol.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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