#MyMentalStateIn5Words Is Trending on Twitter, so I Want to Know: “Why Is Brie so Expensive?”

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Translating the blob of feelings inside of you into spoken words can feel like a real chore. I mean, is there a term for when you're sleepy, stressed, angry, disillusioned by the government, tangry, and euphoric from your morning boxing class all at the same time? Merriam-Webster, you need to get on it!

Since no such vocabulary exists yet, Twitter users have taken to expressing their inner turmoil in tweets followed by #MyMentalStateIn5Words. And you guys, things are looking about 95-percent bleak. One user typed "Very well hidden shit show," another: "A dumpster fire on steroids," and: "Want to hibernate 'til spring." To all these moods, I say same, same, and same. But just to confirm that everyone is embodying a combination of the "dizzy faced emoji," the "zany face emoji," and the "woman shrugging emoji," I challenged the Well+Good edit team to write their own five-word odes to their mental health. And several themes seemed to crop up over and over again.

Theme 1: Puppies are the only answer

"I want a cocker spaniel."
"Puppy cuddles and Netflix, please."

theme 2: Can we please just swipe left on everything leading up to Christmas?

"'thank u, next' to everything."
"Just smile and wave, boys."
"Is IV coffee a thing?"
"Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia." (Note: This person hails from the Land Down Under)
"Nothing’s on fire here, thanks."
"How many days 'til Christmas?"
"Watching Love Actually on repeat."

Theme 3: the political landscape is a garbage fire

"Why does Brett Kavanaugh exist."
"When will the earth implode?"
"When will Trump get impeached?"

Theme 4: miscellaneous WTFs

"This year's Spotify Wrapped: embarrassing."
"Why is brie so expensive?"
"Can sleep count as savasana?"
"I'm never drinking again...really."
"How is it already 2019?"
"Is it the weekend yet?"

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