These Cult-Favorite Indie Beauty Brands Are Coming to Target

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
There are stores you love because you can get practically anything you need from them and then there are stores you love because they offer the coolest, of-the-moment goods. Want both? Go to Target.

Over the past couple of years, the superstore has been steadily adding wellness and clean beauty brands to its aisles. Now, they've announced that they'll stock indie-cool Meow Meow Tweet and Sailor—a new line from Jana Blankenship, founder of Captain Blankenship—in their personal care sections, making quality, clean beauty that much more accessible.

"Being sold at Target is a great way to reach people who are just starting to read ingredient labels on beauty products," says Blankenship.

Beginning January 21, Meow Meow Tweet's famous Deodorant Sticks (in both lavender bergamot and eucalyptus lemon), Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Cream, and Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap will be available in 440 stores nationwide. "It’s exciting to think that a customer can go to Target and buy a natural deodorant in a biodegradable paper tube made with fair trade and organic ingredients," says Tara Pelletier, co-founder of Meow Meow Tweet. "We’re proud that we didn’t compromise on the quality of our product at all to be able to scale for the Target project."

Likewise, Blankenship (of Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Spray fame) concocted a unisex skin-care line called Sailor that's exclusive to Target and tops out at 19 dollars. It's coming to 1,668 out of 1,800 stores nationwide next Sunday as well. "Being sold at Target is a great way to reach people who are just starting to read ingredient labels on beauty products—we could make a big impact here," she says.

So you can stock your medicine cabinet with a fully robust personal care regimen—at an affordable price—as long as you're near one of the megastore's thousands of country-wide locations. Yet another reason that Target's truly a one-stop-shop.

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