Prepare To Confront Some Full-Throttle Honesty With Mercury in Sagittarius This Week

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With the long weekend ending and the holiday season now in full roar, this week the cosmos asks us to look backward and integrate where we've been as we move forward, crafting our lives and charting our paths. The full moon happens at 8°38' at 4:29 a.m., ET, on November 30, offering Cyber Monday and our lives in general a bit of extra flair. But keep in mind that this isn't an average full moon; it's also a lunar eclipse that will kick off eclipse season.

Lunar eclipses are often intense: they expedite endings and clear the path for new beginnings. This particular lunar eclipse in Gemini happens at the north node, which indicates the high road and destiny path versus the way of habit and comfort. It also illuminates duality, asking us to see the places we've been playing small and integrate what we are learning so we can rise on behalf of our purpose and destiny.

Eclipses happen when new and full moons (in this case, the full moon) align with where the moon's orbital plane intersects with the ecliptic (the moon's nodes), amplifying the impact of the alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth. Like a broom, eclipses sweep away that which we no longer need and make space for what's to come. So don't hold onto anything too tightly now; make space for what needs to be, and let the path forward emerge. Eclipses are wild cards, so expect the unexpected and stay agile.

In the words of psychologist Carl Rogers, "what's most personal is most universal." Every single human has a shadow, so introspect about how you can bring more compassion to your relationship with your shadow and the shadow of others. Then, take a step back and see what the full moon is illuminating for you. Own and integrate whatever darkness it illuminates. There's no point in sweeping it under the rug; face it head-on.

The good news about this full moon is that Mercury, Gemini's ruler, aligns beautifully with Saturn. Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn, helping us to claim the disowned aspects of self. Meanwhile, this aspect also aids our healing amid the intense holiday and pandemic pressure. Hold your boundaries with the pervasive seduction of busyness and consumerism this time of year. Tend to your inner world. (Mercury at 27° of Scorpio sextiles Saturn at 27° of Capricorn at 2 p.m., ET.)

As we digest the lunar eclipse in Gemini, align your routine and habits with your body's needs. Stay mindful of being too cerebral and in your head, which will likely be one of the impacts of this lunar eclipse in Gemini. Instead, consider this: How can you make time for what matters most to your health, well-being, and healing journey? What old beliefs and limiting patterns do you most need to shed?

Eclipse cycles ask us to look back 18 to 19 years prior and ask ourselves what was happening then that resonates with where we are now. So, think back to the story that began in 2002: What's coming full circle now? What chapters are you wrapping up as you prepare for your entrance into the New Year? Clarity is possible with a bit of work.

Mercury in Sagittarius holds no bars when it comes to full-throttle honesty. Use it to your advantage.

To support introspection and big-picture thinking, Mercury enters Sagittarius, the sign of truth and freedom, at 2:50 p.m., ET on December 1, where he'll stay until December 21. Mercury in Sagittarius holds no bars when it comes to full-throttle honesty. Use it to your advantage.

You can now ask yourself who you are becoming through the crucible of modern times and what your vision is for the year ahead. But remember, knowing your vision is not enough. You also must understand why you want it. What values are driving you toward the obtainment of your goals? Stay focused on your underlying why, and adjust your actions, behaviors, and mindset accordingly. But most importantly, take time this week to consider the life vision you are moving toward and then release the old. To support you with this, consider a ceremony.

Come December 4, the moon enters into fixed-fire sign Leo at 7:52 a.m., ET forming an applying trine to Mercury in Sagittarius, and Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries. This combination ignites courage. Mercury's fire trine to Chiron helps you understand how you can animate your healing magic. Lean into bravery, and take a step back from life's minutia to see the big picture.

Then on December 5, Venus in Scorpio at 18° trines Neptune 18° at 11:52 p.m., ET. This water trine combination asks you to prioritize creativity and rest, illuminating love and a deeper understanding that we are all one. Let in love, beauty, and hope. It's both earned and needed!

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—which she uses to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. Pre-order her book, Cosmic Health (January 2021), here.

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