Get Ready for This Week’s Cosmic Journey to Take You From Confusion to Clarity Within 7 Days

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This week begins with a massive call for patience from the universe. But, not to worry—it'll pay off.

Confusion sets in with a set of planetary squares

Starting on Sunday—when the sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune, while Jupiter in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries—you can expect for things to feel extra confusing. As if you were driving in heavy fog, your impulse may be impulse may be to turn on your high light beams. But in this cosmic case of blurriness, taking an aggressive approach to rectify a lack of clarity will only make things less clear.

Now's not the time to press forward for answers, but instead, sit in the lack of knowing, and allow what needs to unfold to take its course. Yes, that can feel scary, but remember that there's nothing you can to "force" a solution right now. Instead, take a step back and recommit to self care. Need help? Try using this mantra: "Everything is unfolding exactly as it must. I am guided and protected."

Then, Mercury in Sagittarius provides clarity

Come Monday, when the quintessential messenger Mercury moves into bold and blunt Sagittarius, you may feel a burst of clarity hit you. Mercury just finished its long transit in Scorpio due to its retrograde, and the hardest degrees of this journey were the ones just cleared, at the tail end of that sign. In light of this, you'd be wise to take a moment to acclimate to the rejuvenated energy early in the week. Ask yourself what you learned during this time, and take a moment to integrate your lessons. Mercury's journey to the underworld and through the sign of secrets (Scorpio) brought more to the surface than you may have bargained for. Now that he's moving into a fire sign, you will likely feel a burst of optimism, hope, and energy.

While there are certainly benefits to reap from the  "call it as you see it," energy of Mercury in Sagittarius, remember that you can't take words back once you speak them. So stay mindful of what you say; just because you think or feel something doesn't doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be spoken. Before you speak, consider the repercussions and what everyone involved stands to gain as a result.

On Tuesday, Mercury forms a divine healing trine with Chiron in Aries, granting amnesty to your heart. Take a moment to feel your feelings and allow yourself to digest and acclimate to your progress. Immediately after this blessing comes through, Mercury makes an awkward angle to Uranus, known as an inconjunct. This configuration asks you to release that which you no longer need so you can make space for your growth.

Speaking of growth, on Wednesday, Venus in Capricorn conjoins the lord of karma, Saturn. Venus represents our values, and as this divine feminine goddess makes her way to join Saturn, the universe invites you to commit to your truth. You may even want to take a moment to focus on your 2020 goals at this time. Doing so will hold weight long-term.

Finally, the full cool moon invites introspection

Early in the morning on Thursday (or late in the night Wednesday, depending on your time zone), the full moon in Gemini perfects. Happening at 19 degrees at 12:15 a.m., EST, this full cold moon is ruled by Mercury, who is now traveling in blunt Sagittarius. Saturn, Venus, and Pluto all aligned in Capricorn make an inconjunct to this supportive full moon. An inconjunct asks you to eliminate that which you no longer need, so, consider what you may be wise to release. With only two weeks left in the year, now's the time to surrender old patterns that you don't want to bring into 2020. And, keep in mind: Since this moon is in Gemini, a sign that favors communication, you'll likely find yourself with holiday plans. Do you want to keep them?

As the full moon shines bright, Venus moves forward to meet Pluto. This powerhouse combination asks you to solidify your commitment to your truth. Providing a sense of ruthless power, the blurriness you felt enveloped by at the start of the week now feels clear as day.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 


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