The First Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is in Aquarius and Capricorn—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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Mercury goes retrograde four times in 2022, and the first transit is just around the corner. Starting on January 14, Mercury—the planet associated with technology, travel, and communication—will appear to be moving backwards, and will continue to do so until February 3, inviting us to introspect and reconsider certain aspects of our lives. With the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, astrologer Corina Crysler says the transit presents a great opportunity to blend the dreamy air sign energy with the goal-oriented Earth sign energy.

“This Mercury retrograde has us not only connecting with higher consciousness, but also helps us root the messages into the body—or, make the intangible tangible,” says Crysler. “This will be great for our 2022 visions or goals, especially with the nature of this Venus retrograde in Capricorn.”

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn happens at the tail end of Venus retrograde, which focuses on love, beauty, and value. When Mercury retrograde moves from Aquarius (where it will be from January 14th to the 25th) into Capricorn (where it will be from January 26th to February 3), “it will assist Venus in the last moments of [that] retrograde cycle, creating more awakening around our values, limiting beliefs, relationships, and our perception on the way we think things 'need to be.’"

Read on to learn what Crysler forecasts the two-sign retrograde will bring, as well as what each sign can expect from Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn.

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Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

From January 14 to January 25, Mercury will travel retrograde in Aquarius. According to Crysler, Mercury is “happy” in Aquarius, adding that this is an ideal time for all signs “to meditate, journal, and introduce a new mindfulness exercise.” Chrysler also notes that air energy can create a bit of anxiety, highlighting the value of mindfulness practices during this period.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

On January 26, Mercury retrograde will enter go-getter zodiac sign Capricorn, where it will remain until February 3. The ostensible backwards spin of Mercury is an opportunity to reevaluate your goals, says Crysler. She suggests taking extra care to reflect on whatever lessons came to you during the Aquarius part of this retrograde.

How Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn will affect each sign


Fire sign Aries would be wise to “pay extra attention to the first phase of this cycle,” Crysler says. That’s because Aries likes to initiate, which is often great, but can also mean that they’re doing everything themselves. If that’s the case, Crysler encourages simmering down and connecting with other people as a means to discover things you might not have thought of.

“You may feel confused and tired [during this retrograde cycle], but that will subside shortly. This retrograde is challenging you to see things in a different light. Trust yourself and take your time,” says Crysler.


Crysler says that Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn might be a bit tough for Taurus, who likes to have a sense of control over most things in their life. However, she says, there’s a bright side: Uncertainty, which will undoubtedly translate into discomfort for Taurus, can push you to expand your comfort zone.

The good news? “The last part of the retrograde will feel empowering, especially since Uranus [the planet of innovation and science] is now ready to make those moves that you have wanted to initiate for some time,” says Crysler. “Patience is key. Stay in your body.”


Gemini can expect synergy and opportunity during this time, says Crysler. “Don't be afraid of your big plan or ideas. Sometimes we have to get things wrong before knowing how to do them right. If you can see and feel the vision, then it was made for you.”

The first Mercury retrograde of 2022 is a time for you to think big and reach for the stars, adds Crysler. “Make sure you get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. When Mercury moves into Capricorn, you will learn how to materialize your vision and understand the next steps.” The key here, according to Crysler, is for Gemini to stay focused and take it one step at a time.


If you’ve been thinking about letting go of or forgiving someone, Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn is the perfect time to do so. “This retrograde cycle asks you to open up your mind and make some changes to move away from the past,” says Crysler.

Though you might not see or feel everything clearly at this very moment, Cancer, Crysler says to trust that balance is coming. “Polarity creates balance eventually. The cycles of the light and the dark that you know so well are shifting,” she says. And while that’s true, you can always tap into your inner light—it doesn’t go anywhere. Ever.


Crysler says that Leos may have been struggling with creative endeavors in the last few months. Instead of beating yourself up, remember that rest can be a secret ingredient for productivity. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. “It is time to slow down, rest, and rejuvenate to build those creative sources back up again,” says Crysler of the beginning of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. “Once Mercury is in Capricorn, you will feel more grounded and have some fuel back in your tank.”

When you’re feeling recharged, Crysler encourages you to challenge yourself by asking where you want to put your energy. “Venus [retrograde] has also been teaching you a few things about your passion. Let Mercury continue to unravel this. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with you in terms of relationships. Stay true to yourself and what you desire.”


Even though Mercury retrogrades are powerful times to revisit the past, Crysler encourages Virgo to examine what you need to release in order to move past it. No pun intended.

“Create a plan of detoxification in several areas of your life,” says Crysler. “Establish a new set-point in terms of how you feel daily. You are ready to make those changes in your mindset, where perhaps before would have been self-sabotaging. Get ready to feel confident in how you express yourself more authentically.”


Because Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, the beginning of this Mercury retrograde serves as a great blueprint for how Libra can help others—which is important to you as the harmony-seeker of the zodiac. “You feel this pandemic profoundly, and as a natural mediator, this retrograde can help you understand who you want to spend your time with and who it is that you want to help,” says Crysler.

With the scales as its symbol, Libra also loves a good balance. "It is time to have the people around you who create more balance in your life instead of giving all your energy away,” Crysler says. “What relationships are important to you to foster, and which need to change? How can you take this understanding to see yourself in others to start a new cycle in personal development?”


Crysler notes that a Scorpio might not love Mercury retrograde in Aquarius it encourages the release of “fears, insecurities, and patterns that hold you in the same cycle.” However scary or daunting that might seem, this introspection is critical for self-growth, Scorpio.

Ask yourself questions that uncover what you’ve been suppressing—anger, sadness, resentment, trauma—in order to let that go. “It may feel very uncomfortable at first, but the relief you will have will be rewarding,” says Crysler. “Let this time be a healing time for you, so you can feel connected to your body again,” she says.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn might have you feeling inspired, Sag. But before you dive headfirst into your new venture, Crysler encourages you to look at the big picture to see if there’s anything you might have missed.

“This retrograde cycle can show you something that can help you on your journey of mastery,” says Crysler. “Is there information you can connect to through a program or course or even a book to help you solidify your ideas? Think big. When Mercury moves in Capricorn, it will help you put it all together. Just go slow...for now,” she adds.


Capricorn has experienced a lot of life changes recently, says Crysler, which might make the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn a bit more challenging for the sea goat. Fret not, though, because Crysler says that the upheaval will soon be coming to a close.

This is the perfect time to “reflect on your values, understand what motivates you, and decide how you can empower yourself,” says Crysler. Once you practice this, Crysler says, the growth and evolution that you’ve been asking for will be well within your reach, Cap.


Aquarians have had a lot of expansion in the last few months, says Crysler, who adds that this is a particularly potent time for the air signs to take a beat. “Before you move into the fullest expression of what is for you, stop and pay attention. Something right now is not grounded for you. This retrograde will allow you to see this,” Crysler says.

For Aquarians with overactive minds, slowing down could help you clarify how to bring your best visions to fruition. “An idea is only an idea until it is rooted in something tangible. Therefore, make a clear plan with deliverables. Set dates. Make a to-do list. Focus on one thing at a time, and connect to your body,” says Crysler.


“This retrograde is time to dive into other consciousness to help you further resonate with your truest desire,” says Crysler. As is often the case with introspection, particularly with dreamy Pisces, it might feel uncomfortable at first, but Crysler encourages Pisces to “trust the process and lead with your intuition.”

Mercury in Aquarius will put things in perspective for Pisces, but it can also “make you feel the collective wounding more intensely,” says Crysler, so it might be a good idea to take a break from the news in the first days of this retrograde. On January 26, “once Mercury is in Capricorn, you will feel more grounded,” Crysler adds. Until then, keep checking in with yourself and your emotions to figure out “what you can change and do to create healing on this planet and for yourself,” says Crysler.


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