Why Being Born in a Mercury Retrograde Is Actually Awesome for Your Personality

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
Tell any astrologically-versed gal that her birthdate just so happened to coincide with the notoriously turbulent planetary event known as Mercury retrograde, and she'll likely assume her life is destined for disorder. According to rockstar astrologer Susan Miller, however, the opposite is actually true: Being born during one of these thrice-yearly celestial occasions basically makes you #blessed in the personality department. Why? The cosmos will conspire to make you more philosophical.

"Don't worry—I was born in Mercury retrograde," said Miller at a recent event in New York City. "It makes the baby more philosophical because they're always going back to look at things." In other words, MR children use retrospection to inform their present decisions, making them the Platos of the current era. (I mean, I'm just guessing—since no one actually knows Plato's real birthdate.)

"It makes the baby more philosophical because they're always going back to look at things." —astrology Susan Miller

Just in case you're not quite sure what exactly Mercury was up to on the day you entered this world (I mean, fair), you can easily search to see if you're one of these profound individuals by using this online tool. Just enter your D.O.B. and scroll down to the Mercury section to see if the planet was "direct" or "retrograde" during that time.

For fun, I did a little digging to find out which celebs possess cosmic gene of sorts. Among them, you'll find Julia Roberts (October 28, 1967) and Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975). Sounds about right, yes?

Susan Miller's number one tip for making it through Mercury retrograde sans-turmoil? Communicate clearly. And here's what sign is going to make major bucks next year, according to the astrologer

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