The Top Mercury Retrograde Effect Each Zodiac Sign Should Prepare For

The planets just aren’t giving us a break this summer: With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all still in retrograde, contributing to increased levels of drama you may be dealing with in relation to your career, romance, finances, and values. And to complicate this cosmic situation further, Mercury begins its second retrograde of the year on June 18, where it will travel until July 12. But Mercury retrograde effects by zodiac sign differ, so we can each focus on different factors to make the most of the often-difficult transit.

“In general, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, which is what goes through a blip at this time,” says astrologer Kyle Thomas. “This summer’s retrograde is in Cancer, which is an emotional water sign. This means we’re leading more with our hearts than our head, so we should be careful to not let our emotions get the best of us when making decisions or interacting with people. In addition, Mercury retrograde also illuminates a different part of your life based on your zodiac sign, so even though it rules communication, for instance, that issue may only come up in one area of your life, like family.”

Below, Thomas explains the top Mercury retrograde effects by zodiac sign, so everyone can best prepare for what the stars have in store. After all, being aware might just make this whole thing a little bit easier.

Below, astrologer Kyle Thomas breaks down the top Mercury retrograde effects by zodiac sign that everyone should prepare for.

Aries: Family and home

“Issues related to family or your home may be especially annoying at this time, but this could also mean that you’re just not feeling as stable and secure in this area of your life as you’d prefer to be,” says Thomas. Fiery rams have a tendency to lose their temper fast, which is why now is the time to really home in on your intuition. “Listen to what you can shift so you can feel stronger,” he adds.

Taurus: Communication

“Communication-related problems will be especially intense for you at this time,” says Thomas. Think cell-phone hiccups, texts being misconstrued, and emails getting stuck in drafts. “You’re likely to feel a bit like the entire world is out to annoy you now. Rather than feeding into the anxiety, try to laugh at the small stuff and realize you can’t control everything.”

While this will definitely be hard for Taureans (who find comfort in security and routine), learning to be flexible will help to alleviate the drama Mercury retrograde is bound to bring.

Gemini: Money

“Money matters and income seem to be frustrating at this time,” says Thomas. “Checks or payment may suddenly be held up, or you could realize you’re not making as much as you hoped for. This could be a time when you want to renegotiate your rate or wage—if you do so delicately, it could actually work in your favor.”

Generally, Thomas says that since Mercury rules negotiations (both written and verbal), you'd be wise to refrain from signing anything concrete during the retrograde period; however, you can certainly start the conversation, and sign on the dotted line later.

Cancer: Life purpose

Since Mercury is currently in Cancer, its retrograde will feel even more severe for these emotional water signs. “With Mercury spiraling backward in your zodiac sign, you may feel like everything in your life is on hold,” says Thomas. “The more you push forward, the harder it will be to fight against the tide. This is a time when you must go easy on yourself because you’re going to be having it harder than others. You’ll be noticing important issues and relationships from the past popping up that you must resolve now. Don’t be afraid to do so.”

Confronting these issues might seem scary at first, but Thomas says that the payoff is totally worth it, especially since retrogrades truly are the best time to reflect on the past and reach a resolution.

Leo: Past wounds and trauma

Leos love drama and the spotlight, which means they’re sure to have a ton of drama-filled stories in their past…and this is bound to come up for them this Mercury retrograde. “You’re feeling like old wounds and traumas from the past are bubbling up right now—almost like demons from your nightmares are returning to haunt you,” says Thomas. “You can face them, release them, and heal them. You’ll learn not to repeat patterns that are toxic, and you’ll be able to move toward happier days.”

Virgo: Future plans and social life

Virgos tend to be logical, practical, and systemic, both in the way they communicate and in the way they operate. “Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, you may seriously be reconsidering the path toward your hopes and dreams at this time—are they still the same that they have always been, or are you evolving in a new direction?” says Thomas. “You also may have a few hiccups when it comes to your social life: Are you and your friends not relating as well as you used to? Since Mercury is spinning backward, it’s likely you’ll encounter an old friend and have the chance to reminisce on your connection or bring it back to life.”

Libra: Career

Always on the hunt for balance, Libras are incredibly indecisive, since they’re looking for harmony in all areas of their life. “Your career is a major focus for you right now,” says Thomas. “You’re likely noticing that a project is being held up at this time. It could also be that you are changing your mind on an important career direction, or the way you have moved toward it.”

Now is a great time to reflect and make decisions based on what’s happening, as opposed to projections from your future or past. “Don’t fight against the waves—release and go with the current,” says Thomas. “You’re actually going to be directed where you’re meant to be, rather than constantly wondering if you’ll ever fully rise higher. You can and will, so right now, you need to spend some time contemplating these ambitions, plans, and goals.”

Scorpio: Spirituality

Passionate and powerful, Scorpios don’t shy away from their emotions and can often get carried away by the intensity of them all. “You’ll be feeling more contemplative about how you can grow over the coming months and years in vast new directions,” says Thomas. “You will feel especially introspective and intellectual, so use this time to learn more about your spirit and what you want to see in this one lifetime. Where will you go? How high will you fly? Do not settle for complacency.”

Sagittarius: Balance in relationships

Magnetic, adventurous, and fun, any relationship with a Sag is sure to be a wild ride. Mercury retrograde effects by zodiac sign for Sagittarius, though, require creating more balance in their most intimate partnerships. “You’ve been focusing on what you give and receive in your partnerships,” says Thomas. “Sharing is an important lesson at this time. You may realize that some of your important connections are not in balance, and you want to change this up. You may also be resolving important karma about your relationships, and you could be watching it rear its head before the pattern dies so you can move forward into new life.”

Capricorn: Partnerships

Steadfast and goal-oriented, Capricorns hate drama. But unfortunately, there’s a lot coming for them this retrograde—specifically in the realms of career and love. “You’ll be seriously reassessing important partnerships in love and business at this time,” says Thomas. “You may realize that you and a serious partner aren’t on the same page or have different plans for your future. This could cause some friction. You may realize that you’ll need to renegotiate your plans together, and perhaps even walk away. This is also a fated time when a major love or soul mate from the past could return. If you want to reignite it, go for it. Otherwise, find closure and move forward.”

Aquarius: Routine

Rebellious Aquarians don’t really love routine to begin with, but it’s really going to come to a head this Mercury retrograde. “You’re going to be feeling like your work life and day-to-day routine is spiraling off the rails,” says Thomas. “It could be that there is just so much to do that you can’t get to it all, or your work life could be in need of constant maintenance. Don’t throw in the towel just yet, though: You can actually use this time to find a better work-life balance, and even improve your personal health.”

Pisces: Love

Sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy, Pisces adore all things love and fantasy—and thankfully, this retrograde will help make matters of the heart a little clearer for them. “Love will surely be on your mind this season, and it appears you’ve been doing some soul-searching on what that means to you and how you fit it into your schedule,” says Thomas. “Romance is something that should be fun, allowing you to embrace the most sensitive parts of your spirit. If you have a lover, you could be noticing that you may not actually be on the same page at this time, or you may be feeling nostalgic about someone from the past. If you want to reignite your love with this person, now would be a fated time to do so.”

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