The Best Survival Tip for Each Sign During Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, According to an Astrologer

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It's that time of the year again! Between May 29 and June 22, Mercury retrograde in Gemini, which is set to be a notably powerful retrograde, will rock our world. Mercury retrograde transits are generally connected to blips in communication, but given that Mercury is both the ruler of Gemini and the sign in which the transit is occurring, we can expect communication to be potentially even more strained. And with the start of the retrograde period falling on a holiday weekend, there's a good chance traffic will be unideal (travel is another common Mercury in retrograde issue).

Not to worry, though. Astrologer and tarot card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides is here to share which Mercury retrograde in Gemini problems are most likely to plague you, according to your sign. Scroll down for her best personalized advice for surviving the transit.

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The best tip for each sign to make it through Mercury retrograde in Gemini, according to an astrologer.


Mercury is retrograding in your third house, which is rooted in communication. With this in mind, make sure you double-check everything before you go-go-go (as you're inclined to want to do).

"This would be a good time to leave for your appointments earlier than usual so traffic doesn’t surprise you, double-check your calendar to make sure you’re not mixing up dates, and proofread twice before posting anything on social media," says Marmanides. "A great use of this energy would be to re-read a favorite book from your childhood or have a relaxing chat with siblings or old friends.


"Shopping can be therapeutic—and no one knows that more than luxury-loving Taureans," says Marmanides. "But this Mercury retrograde, resist the urge to 'add to cart' as often as you might be prone to as you can end up regretting some of your bigger-ticket purchases—or even finding out you’ve bought the same thing twice by accident."

Check your receipts, investigate the refund policy, or better yet, fall in love again with the items you already have—it'll be like going shopping in your own closet (for free!).


Geminis value communication above all others, and you're known for your certain flair for words. "This Mercury retrograde however may have you re-thinking what you want to say or who you want to be—and that might not be a bad thing," says Marmanides. "Use this [time] to reconsider how to best communicate with those around you, as this time may have you prone to reversing your opinions, plans, or even your appearance."


"Mercury will be backtracking through your 12th house of the subconscious, so pay particular attention to any dreams you have during this time," says Marmanides. "They can be quite vivid and may even help bring clarity to a situation that you’ve been ruminating on in your waking life."

She advises that you use this time to rest, relax, and try to quiet your mind. Also, allow yourself to be open to messages you might otherwise have missed.


"If there is any sign that will experience blasts from the past resurfacing during this retrograde, it is likely Leo," says Marmanides. "Hearing from an old co-worker who wants to reconnect, or your friends making up for lost time during the pandemic and asking to meet up are all likely scenarios."

Use this time to communicate your hopes and dreams to the right people. Marmanides says it's a prime moment to refocus on what you want to achieve—and who you want to help you along the way. "If you want to be an artist, hang out with more artists, for example," says Marmanides. "Be open to possibilities."


Gemini season puts a huge focus on your career house, so brace yourself: This Mercury retrograde may have you shifting gears professional.

"Whether you’re starting a new job, rebranding on social media, or taking on more responsibility at work, this retrograde is asking you to stay on top of your deadlines—which you love to do anyway — even when wires get crossed or things don’t go perfectly," says Marmanides. "Be prepared for projects you thought were complete to resurface for a do-over. Instead of being frustrated, use it as an opportunity to make your previous work even better."


"Forewarned is forearmed, so if you’ve decided you need to get away and have a trip planned, prepare for delays or minor frustrations," says Marmanides. "Instead of letting that become the narrative of your vacation, you’re being asked to find the beauty in the pivots to your schedule."

In the event that communication wires gets crossed, your best bet is use the time to practice mindful meditation and breathe through it. "It’s a more intentional way to broaden your perspective as you’re broadening your horizons," says Marmanides.


"This Mercury retrograde could feel extra karmic for you, Scorpio, as you may have people who owe you something to return—whether that’s an old sweater you let a friend borrow or an apology for a past misdeed," Marmanides says.

You might feel like being the ghost from someone’s past and reaching out to them to either make amends or make a reconnection. Marmanides's best advice is to honor what feels honest.


Retrograde happening in your seventh house of commitments and partnerships, so it's time to stay grounded and rooted in what you’re already dedicated to. Do your best not to try and start anything new or change gears too quickly, as you're often inclined to do.

"As a freedom-loving sign, you’re being asked to sit with any discomfort that [Mercury retrograde] may stir up in you—you’re being asked to edit and adjust what you already have instead of deciding it’s too hard to fix and calling it quits too quickly," says Marmanides.


Prepare for Mercury retrograde to shake up your normally well-kept routine. Mercury is retrograding through your sixth house of daily schedules, so you’re likely to experience some frustrations.

You sleeping through your alarm might never happen on a regular day, "but expect that sort of thing to crop up during this retrograde," says Marmanides. "And use it as a prescription to change things up and realize you can let go of some control to see what spontaneity might joyfully bring in."


"As Mercury retrogrades through your fifth house of love, fun, and sex, Aquarius placements may experience the proverbial 'texts from the ex'—or at least, hearing from people you’ve had romantic entanglements with," Marmanides says. "A great way to use this time productively would be to revisit any creative ideas and projects you’ve put on the back-burner and see what adjustments or edits you could make to breathe new life into it."


"Changes at home can be stressful as this Mercury retrograde in your fourth house could have you at cross-purposes with the people you live with or family of origin," Marmanides says. In order to keep the air energetically clean, use this time to clear up any misunderstandings and miscommunications as they come, and carve out private time to recuperate from any drama that tries to make its way into your inner sanctum.

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