7 Mercury Retrograde Must-Haves To Get Through These Final Off-Kilter Days (Which Can Be the *Most* Intense of All)

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Well folks, we're winding down the final days of Mercury Retrograde but you know what they say—it ain't over 'til it's over. There's still a few days left until we're in the clear on Sunday, May 14. Expect the usual suspects— enexpected tech mishaps, last-minute cancellations, a text from an ex—until Mercury resumes its regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

To help you survive these final, wonky days, we've rounded up a few of our favorite products to help things feel a little less nutty. That way, you're armed until the end of the cycle, and prepared well ahead of the next event, which starts August 23, 2023.

Whether you need some *alone-time* to sit back, catch your breath, and do some soul-searching, or just need an extra mental boost to find the right words, these wellness products can help. Treat yourself to something special to make these final off-kilter days a little less off-kilter.

Mercury retrograde isn't over—but these products can help

Osea, Vagus Nerve Oil — $48.00

Surprise, surprise: Mercury retrograde can be a bit stressful (to say the least). Between tech failures, communication hiccups, and travel delays, “imbalanced” is a polite way to describe this dumpster fire of chaos.

Which is why we recommend slathering yourself in this soothing oil from Osea. It’s formulated to stimulate the vagus nerve, the body’s control center for regulating stress and inspiring a sense of calm. A few drops of this stuff massaged onto your neck and behind your earlobes can take you from spiraling to soothed in no-time—Mercury retrograde, and beyond.

Kin Euphorics, Lightwave (Pack of 8) — $30.00

For the days you’re *really* feeling Mercury’s wrath, crack open a cold one and relax. Kin Euphorics makes this mouth-watering adult beverage that swaps booze for functional ingredients, like reishi mushroom and L-theanine, to mellow you out. True to its name, you and your tastebuds will feel euphoric—Lightwave is perfectly sweet and earthy, a tasty mocktail when you need a boost.

Birthdate Co., Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle — $42.00

Birthdate Co. knows not all retrogrades are the same, which is why they poured this customized candle designed to help you get through this exact planetary event in one piece. Bright, warm scent aside (bergamot, jasmine, clove mmm), each candle is poured over carnelian crystal that wards off negative energy. That means you’ll get extra balancing vibes each time you light it up, plus a powerful gem to keep you cool long after Mercury stops its backwards spin.

The Nue Co., Nootro Focus — $85.00

Reminder: the weirdness doesn’t end when Mercury retrograde stops. For 1-2 weeks after, there’s still a “retroshade” where effects may still linger.

Fortunately, this supplement from The Nue Co. can help bring you mental clarity no matter what astrological happenings are going on. Like Kin Euphorics, it’s blended with adaptogenic functional ingredients that actually help to improve your cognitive function and focus. In the short term, “Nootro-Focus works to reduce restlessness and sharpen mental clarity, increasing Alpha brain waves, helping you zone in on the task in front of you.” Within six weeks, your brain can get a mega-boost that may improve memory, sparks focus, and soothes anxiety.

Tile mate
Tile, Mate (4-Pack) — $62.00

Can’t find your car keys? Phone not where you put it last? Suitcase get lost on your trip? Yeah… could be Mercury. Rather than losing your mind, stick one of these Tiles on your most valuable belongings. Using Bluetooth, these trackable tiles let you keep track of keys, wallets, and more, even when you think they’re long gone. The brand makes trackers for larger items too (aka, lost baggage), giving you one less thing to worry about come retrograde.

The Cristalline, Truth Crystal Set — $40.00

Mercury is also in charge of all-things communication, which is why words can feel stuck (or non-existent…) when it seemingly spins backwards. This sparkly set of gemstones from The Cristalline is all about truth: how to find it, how to speak it, and how to embrace it. With kyanite, amethyst, and two types of quartz, these “stones will help you connect to your inner guidance and find your true north of any situation or obstacle.” Carry them with you or tuck them under your pillow to help you find clarity regardless of what the stars are up to.

"The Power of Mercury" by Leslie Mcguirk — $19.00

Plot twist: Mercury retrograde isn’t all that bad. In fact, many astrologers like author Leslie Mcguirk find these astrological events to be very healing if you know how to approach them. In her book, Mcguirk shines light on the opportunities Mercury retrograde has to offer, like slowing down, taking a break from technology, and communicating for effectively. Snag a copy and learn how to make it through these next final days, not to mention the other three retrogrades slated for the rest of the year.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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