This Mercury Retrograde May Be the Most Intense of the Year—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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If 2020 has felt super-intense to you (which, obviously it has), just know that the planets agree with you. With this summer's Venus retrograde leading right into Mars's current retrograde, the cosmic winds feel incredibly topsy-turvy. And this week, things may get even more confusing, with the third and final Mercury retrograde of the year, which may be the most intense one yet. Starting October 14, Mercury will spin backward in Scorpio, hitting Libra on October 27. Then, it will stay in Libra until November 3, which is the end of the retrograde.

That double-sign action helps to explain why this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio stands to provide effects that are emotional and intense for your sign. The last two Mercury retrograde cycles of the year happened in a single sign (Pisces in February and Cancer in June), but with this one in Libra and Scorpio, you may be see effects in two different areas of your life at different points in the transit.

“Until October 27, you’ll be focusing on one thing, but after that date, it may be something else,” says astrologer Kyle Thomas. Below, check out the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio effects for your Zodiac sign, so you can be prepared for anything that’s about to come your way.

Below, find the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio effects to expect for your zodiac sign.

Aries: Relationships

“You’ve been focusing on what you give and receive in your partnerships, and sharing that is an important lesson at this time,” says Thomas. “You may realize that some of your important connections are not in balance, and you want to change this up.”

Fire-sign Aries can have a hard time sitting still, and according to Thomas, this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio provides the perfect opportunity to sit with your needs in a partnership, and ensure your relationships are aligning with what you truly want. In this way, you’ll be able to see what’s serving you and what’s not during this transit. Then, you can either change the dynamic or let things go.

Taurus: Love and business partnerships

“You’ll be seriously reassessing important partnerships in love and business at this time. You may realize that you and a serious partner aren’t on the same page or you have different plans for your future,” says Thomas. Basically, you’ll need to figure out things both in work and love and really see how you can improve teamwork and communication in those areas.

“When Mercury temporarily revisits your work sector, you could see a few hiccups when it comes to co-workers, on the job, or with projects,” adds Thomas, suggesting that staying calm and steering clear of signing work contracts is a smart way to proceed.

Gemini: Routine

“You may feel like your work life and day-to-day routine are spiraling off the rails. It could be that there is just so much to do that you can’t get to it all or your work life is in need of constant maintenance,” says Thomas. However, now is actually the best time to find work-life balance.

“When Mercury temporarily revisits your romantic sector, you could hear from old flames or find yourself confused about the messages between your mind and your heart,” he adds. Think long and hard before you act on these messages, though.

Cancer: Love

“Love will surely be on your mind this season, and it appears you’ve been doing some soul-searching on what that means to you and how you fit it into your schedule,” says Thomas. “If you want to reignite your love with someone, this could be a fated time to do so.”

But, when that love (platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise) intersects with your living situation, another layer of confusion is added in. “When Mercury temporarily revisits your domestic sector, you could find some confusion in regards to your living space, roommate, or with family members,” adds Thomas, suggesting that for now, the best approach is to stay calm and understand that it'll pass.

Leo: Home and family

“Issues related to family or home may be especially annoying at this time. This could also mean that you’re just not feeling as stable and secure in your life as you’d prefer to be,” says Thomas. Basically, your emotions will be acting up, so it’s important to use your intuition to find your new path. “When Mercury temporarily revisits your communications sector, you will be sent into a flurry of technology, phone, and email confusion as well,” says Thomas.

Virgo: Communication

“When people think of Mercury retrograde, they often relate it to communications-related problems, and this will be especially intense for Virgos at this time,” says Thomas. “When Mercury temporarily revisits your prosperity sector, you’ll be noticing some sudden problems with money management, or even see checks delayed by weeks.” To prep, Thomas suggests creating a budget (if you don't already have one) and tabling any important conversations for after the retrograde cycle.

Libra: Money

“Money matters and income seem to be frustrating at this time for Libras,” says Thomas. “Checks or payment may suddenly be held up, or you could realize you’re not making as much as you had hoped for.” Budgeting is key here, as is not spending above your means this month because you may find that you don’t have as much money as you think you do. Thomas suggests Libras lay low and take a bit of rest during this time.

Scorpio: Karma and closure

“With Mercury retrograde this season spiraling predominantly backward in your zodiac sign, you may feel like everything in your life is on hold,” says Thomas. “The more you push forward, the harder it will be to fight against the tide.” To make the most of this, he suggests you must go easy on yourself, especially since your sign may have more trouble than others.

But with more trouble comes more opportunity for growth and healing. “When Mercury temporarily revisits your sector of karma and closure, you’re even more likely to feel as if old wounds have resurfaced, and it’s time to heal them once and for all.”

Sagittarius: Childhood wounds

“You may be feeling like old wounds and traumas from the past are bubbling up,” says Thomas. “This is an important journey that happens so you can face them, release them, and heal them. Don’t repeat patterns that are toxic. When Mercury temporarily revisits your social sector, it's likely you will hear from old friends out of the blue,” adds Thomas. “This could be an enjoyable moment to catch up. However, it's possible you could find that you and a current acquaintance aren’t on the same page, and there’s tension you must resolve.”

Capricorn: Social life

“Are you and your friends not relating as well as you used to? Is it time to branch out into new social territory?” asks Thomas. It’s important to understand what’s happening, but also not to make any hasty decisions when Mercury’s in retrograde—emotions may be too heightened to see things clearly. “In addition, when Mercury temporarily revisits your professional sector, you will suddenly see projects you are involved with thrown off track, or confusion with higher-ups, executives, and bosses,” says Thomas. “Be prepared to be flexible.”

Aquarius: Career

“Your career is a major focus for you right now, and you’re likely noticing that a project is being held up at this time,” says Thomas. “It could also be that you are changing your mind on an important career direction or the way you have moved toward it.” Whatever the case, don't fight against the current, but rather move with it, since it’s likely that you’re going to be steered in the direction you need to go.

“When Mercury temporarily revisits your expansion sector, you could see an academic, travel, immigration, or media project stalled,” says Thomas. “No matter what, you’ll be considering how you can take on a new perspective about your future plans.”

Pisces: Intimacy

“You’ll be feeling more contemplative now about how you can grow over the coming months and years in vast new directions,” says Thomas. “You will feel especially introspective and intellectual, so use this time to learn more about your spirit and what you want to see in this one lifetime.” It’s likely to be a really spiritual time, and you’ll be contemplating most major life decisions, including career to love.

“When Mercury temporarily revisits your intimacy sector, you could suddenly feel as if you and a partner are not on the same page—or else you sense some confusion regarding what you ultimately need in a relationship,” warns Thomas.

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