How To Embrace This Week’s Cosmic Obstacles as an Opportunity To Go With the Flow

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With Mercury entering a retrograde cycle and Mercury square Neptune as well, this week’s cosmic theme is all about reviewing how our lives flow. The karmic doors have been blown open from the recent lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th, making now an important time to observe ourselves and our interactions with others.

Our words and thoughts hold weight, so ask yourself what information have you seen that you can’t unsee? What truths are you holding space for within yourself, shifting your lens on the world? What seems to have gotten out of your way?

Mercury, the sign of our mind, is now retrograde in Gemini until June 22nd, giving us a chance to revisit our experiences from Taurus season. To facilitate that introspection, ask yourself what has become more apparent after the work of Taurus season? Furthermore, what content are you consuming that helps or hurts those values?

Take, for instance, your social media habits. Do you "hate-follow" anyone? If so, you may reconsider that choice because, as social psychologists Erin Vogel and Pam Rutledge have noted, the practice can take up valuable real estate in our brains and should be assessed for what it adds or detracts from our lives. To get that potentially toxic consumption in check, consider reducing your content streams by unfollowing or muting those who aren’t keeping you informed or happy, and be mindful of how you observe and engage with social media in general.

You’ll also probably be dealing with those minor annoyances that Mercury retrograde always brings. Because when it comes to communication, “Mercury’s law” tells us anything that relies on connecting signals (like travel) and could go wrong, will go wrong. With this in mind, be sure to leave yourself extra time, distract yourself with a podcast that makes you laugh or learn (or both!) or read a book that’s been on your list for months. It’s Gemini season, after all, and the sign of the twins loves language and the written word as forms of communication.

Embrace Mercury square Neptune as an opportunity to try automatic writing, a stream of consciousness technique that channels your spirit guides and gets the creative juices flowing.

To make matters even murkier this week, we have the transit of Mercury square Neptune, ruler of our collective consciousness, dreams, and illusions. But you can use this transit to your benefit by embracing it as an opportunity to try automatic writing, a stream of consciousness technique that channels your spirit guides and gets the creative juices flowing. This dreamy transit is with us until early July, so take the pressure off yourself to produce anything polished (or even coherent), and just tune in to a meditative state and let those words reveal their magic. You may even play Bob Dylan’s music for inspiration, as he has this exact Gemini Mercury squaring Neptune in his natal chart (as well as a Gemini sun and Venus). Don’t think twice; it’s alright.

And to support our astral travels, this Neptunian influence is making its presence known with a few more dreamy transits: Venus moves into sentimental Cancer late on Wednesday, June 2nd, trining Jupiter until Sunday, June 6th. Also, Neptune in Pisces trines Mars in Cancer until June 9th. Both transits ease us into a sense of escapism. We may travel into the mystical realm, get lost in the midst of spending quality time with romantic partners and friends—or with the characters in our books. However you slow down and relax via connection and communication, lean into it this week.

Alex Caiola is an Astrologer and Psychic intuitive Coach based in New York City. She founded the mystical wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She uses a unique blend of Astrology and Tarot to deliver practical, pop-culture referenced guidance for her community. She regularly contributes Astrological content for brands and co-hosts the podcast Priestesses Prescribe.

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