I Walked Miles in Rain and Freezing Temperatures in the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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There’s no two ways about it: Rain showers bring the need for a pair of rain boots. While most rain boots will do their job—to keep feet warm and dry—I’ve long wished for an option that was comfortable enough (and stylish enough) to become my everyday waterproof boots. Let’s be honest, rain boots are notoriously uncomfortable, clunky, and not to mention, stuffy.

To find a pair that exceeds their reputation is a big ask, but it’s what the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots ($130) promises—and I was intrigued to test out the pair for myself and see if these waterproof boots could really stand up to miles of wear through inclement weather without making my feet hurt.

What To Know About the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots

merry people bobbi rain boot
Merry People, Bobbi Rain Boots — $130.00

Sizes available: 5-12

Colors: 17

Material: Rubber


  • Waterproof
  • Wide toe box
  • Built-in arch support
  • Wearable for below-freezing temperatures
  • 12-month warranty


  • Limited size options
  • Pricey

Founded in 2014, Merry People is an Australian shoe brand that specializes in footwear for unreliable weather conditions. The Bobbi Rain Boots are the brand’s best-selling pair, and it’s designed with functionality and comfort in mind. It’s free of laces and zippers to prevent water leaks, and made from 100 percent rubber to repel water, while the lug soles provide traction to prevent slips and spills on slick surfaces. Its comfort is due to both built-in arch support and neoprene lining, which, according to the brand’s website, provides enough warmth for “below-freezing temperatures,” too. This means that you can keep them in rotation throughout the year, when you’re trudging through snow and slush instead of rain and mud.

What’s more, the Bobbi Rain Boots offer comfort and style in equal measure. They come in 17 colors ranging from classic neutrals to bold hues, and a Chelsea-boot-esque silhouette that looks sleeker than traditional rain-boot styles.

My Honest Review of the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots

merry people rain boots
Photo: Author

I’ve tried my fair share of rain boots through the years—from knee-high wellies to mid-calf versions—but the moment I slipped my feet into these boots, I was ready to bid goodbye to the old silhouettes that fill my closet. Unlike my other and rather uncomfortable rain boots, the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot offers decent arch support and a true-to-size fit that could accommodate thick socks on the chilliest of days.

Better yet, the boots were neither clunky nor stiff like rain boots I’ve worn in the past. They’re surprisingly cushy, and they didn’t require a break-in period. No, really: I took them on a trip to the Rocky Mountains mere weeks after receiving them, and they kept me light on my feet. To be clear, I didn’t hike in them, but I did walk miles in them—through slushy weather and below-freezing temperatures, at that—and I’m happy to report that my feet remained toasty and dry.

Beyond how well they wear, I love the fact that these boots are sold in over a dozen colors options. Whereas so many rain boots are sold in only neutrals and hues like red and yellow, the Bobbi Rain Boots come in a wider selection of shades, including lime green, purple, and bright blue to bring you joy in the dreariest of seasons. What’s more? They’re available in an inclusive range of women and men’s sizes, as well as kid’s sizes 1 to 13.

Comfortable, functional, and attractive, the Bobbi Rain Boots check off all the boxes for my ideal rain boot. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. The boots also have the Well+Good commerce team singing in the rain of its praises:

“Like most folks, I fell in love with Merry People’s candy-colored rain boots on my Instagram feed long before I ever put them on my feet. They’re so cute and come in a literal rainbow of colors that make dressing for gray rainy days much more fun. Right out of the box, you can feel how durable they are, not at all flimsy or thin. Unlike other rubber boots I’ve tried, I find my Bobbis to be particularly warm thanks to the hefty neoprene lining that keeps moisture out and heat in. I’ve worn them in all four seasons at this point, in everything from humid summer thunderstorms to winter ice and sleet, and can honestly say they’ve kept my feet dry, happy, and cute in all sorts of weather.” — Francesca Krempa, commerce editor

“New York has faced rainfall almost every weekend since fall, and these boots managed to withstand any amount of rain. While I typically rely on my leather lace-ups when the weather turns wet, the Bobbis were just as easy to pair with my everyday outfits, like jeans and a sweater or a dress. They look like Chelsea boots, complete with the pull tabs, elastic side panels, and streamlined silhouette, only with the functionality of a traditional waterproof boot, which is necessary when inclement weather is in the forecast.

Since I received the boots, temperatures have dipped significantly. Still, they’ve remained in heavy rotation, all thanks to the neoprene lining, which I can attest offers as much warmth as Merry People promises. I wore them with thin cotton socks on an evening with temperatures in the low 30s, and they provided an impenetrable barrier between my feet and the chill. With enough wiggle room to accommodate thicker socks, I can see how they could work for the most frigid days. I was worried the boots would weigh me down after long walks through New York, butI was proven wrong. They are so lightweight that I don’t think twice about what’s on my feet. On the contrary, the cushy insoles seem to propel me forward as though I were walking on springs. How’s that for putting some pep into your step?” Danielle Calma, commerce writer 

Final Thoughts

If you want a comfortably functional waterproof boot, look no further than the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots. Whether you’re dealing with rain or freezing snow, they stay fully waterproof while their neoprene lining is warm enough for frigid temperatures but not so warm as to leave your feet sweaty.

The pair manages to balance function with flair, lending it versatility for daily use, whether your plans involve a trip to the office, weekend brunch, or a jaunt outdoors, and its wide-ranging color selection will fit right into many folk’s wardrobes. While ideal in many ways, a tradeoff is that it’s an ankle-length boot with a slightly wider fit, which isn’t ideal for deep rain puddles or snow—for these weather conditions, you’ll probably want a taller pair that offers more protection.

More Merry People Products

Merry People has other footwear, in addition to the Bobbi Boots. All are made from natural rubber and feature neoprene lining and treaded soles for inclement weather.

Merry People Tully Rain Boot
Merry People, Tully Rain Boot — $140.00

Designed with chunky platform soles, the Tully Rain Boots are a throwback to the ’90s. The thick rubber tread offers ample traction on a variety of surfaces, and the gored sides allow the boots to easily slip on and off.

Sizes available: 5-12

Colors: 4

Merry People Darcy Rain Boot
Merry People, Darcy Rain Boot — $150.00

The Darcy Rain Boot is a mid-calf boot that offers increased protection for rain, sleet, and snow. Another one of its standout features? A buckle closure, which allows you to tighten or loosen them accordingly.

Sizes available: 5-12

Colors: 3

Merry People Fergie Rain Boot
Merry People, Fergie Rain Boot — $170.00

The Fergie Rain Boot is similar in build to the Dary Rain Boot, only taller and with a higher heel. Between its sleek silhouette and all-black exterior, these boots will have you wishing for a rainy day.

Sizes available: 5-12

Colors: 1

Merry People Billie Clog
Merry People, Billie Clog — $100.00

The Billie Clogs are as functional as they are cute, thanks to its streamlined silhouette and slight heel. They’re slip-on design makes them ideal for quick errands or a walk around the block.

Sizes available: 5-12

Colors: 5

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