Boxing Continues Its Fitness World Domination With a High-Fashion Takeover

Photo: Instagram/@theofficialselfridges
It seems that now-ubiquitous boutiques like SoulCycle created a blueprint of sorts for how to dominate the fitness world: expand slowly then rapidly, make your fashion presence known, and then have an arsenal of celebrity devotees. Boxing is the midst of a boutique renaissance, with Rumble set to expand and many celebrities singing the sport's praises. And, for the last ingredient in the recipe of mainstream fitness success, boxing is now getting a high-fashion pop-up, courtesy of a collaboration between iconic creative Michéle Lamy and Selfridges in London, open through the end of March.

According to the Business of Fashion, when Selfridges approached the visionary, muse, and witch, the store wanted Lamy to create a jewelry collection. Instead, she opted to combine two of her favorite things, art and boxing, into an immersive shopping and workout experience. "Boxing is a state of mind. It’s a place where you just think about what you are doing, in the moment" Lamy said of the inspiration behind Lamyland, the pop-up that combines exclusive activewear from high-fashion brands with a fully equipped boxing gym in the basement.

Aesthetics are obviously important, which is why fashionable (yet totally non-functional) items like Swarovski-studded towels are displayed next to more utilitarian and iconic boxing gear from brands like Everlast and boxing studios like Overthrow, a New York studio that contributed wares as well as its slogan, "What are you fighting for?" to the project. But Lamy is as interested in the sport itself as she is in the art: BXR London (similar to the UK's version of Rumble) will host sessions at the fully functional boxing gym in February.

Sounds like a super-chic way to perfect your jab-jab-cross technique, huh?

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