Only Have 5 Minutes? Try This Microcurrent Facial Device for Pro-Level Toning, Lifting, and Contouring

While serums, retinol, and antioxidants certainly aren't going anywhere, the buzziest beauty essentials of late are no longer found in a bottle. Our beauty editors have been keeping tabs on the booming popularity of at-home facial tools and treatments, and microcurrent devices are the latest evidence of the trend.

For those unfamiliar with microcurrent: "Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow, and has been clinically tested to safely and effectively address a variety of skin concerns such as facial contour and tone, as well as diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles," says Tera Peterson, microcurrent aesthetician and co-founder of microcurrent facial device NuFACE.

microcurrent facial device

Spending a whole day unwinding at a spa is the dream, but for days when you don't have multiple hours to dedicate to a beauty treatment (so, most days), spending five minutes using a NuFACE device is a lot more attainable, for just as much glow factor.

"The inspiration for NuFACE originally came from the experience of professional treatments and the amazing results you received, recreated as an easy-to-use, at-home device that was not only effective but safe, which is why all NuFACE devices have been FDA-cleared and tested for all safety standards," Peterson says. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for more on the trend.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of a microcurrent facial device, plus how to use it.

microcurrent facial device

What are the benefits?

According to Peterson, using your microcurrent facial device can firm and tighten skin, improve muscle tone and contour in the face and neck, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

"Each of our devices has been designed with a unique and precise amount of microcurrent for your face for both instant and long-term results," Peterson says. Let's break that down some more: Microcurrent—which is measured in microamps—increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which your cells use to make collagen and elastin (aka, the stuff that strengthens and plumps your skin).

NuFACE's two flagship devices—Trinity® and Mini—both use 330 microamps to strengthen your skin's ATP. "The more you stimulate your ATP at the optimum level, the faster cells turnover," Peterson says.

Plus, NuFACE's new Ionized Skincare Activators—Firming + Brightening Silk Crème and Hydrating Aqua Gel—help maximize results by working in tandem with the device. The IonPlex™ technology in the activators carries the current down to the muscles for deeper stimulation and longer-lasting results, leaving the skin looking radiant from benefits like locking in moisture and evening skin tone. Win, win, and win.

How do you use it?

One of the biggest draws of using NuFACE versus booking a facial is, of course, convenience (five minutes a day, five days a week is all you need). "You can do your routine from anywhere: your bathroom, the comfort of your bed, watching a movie, or reading an email," Peterson says. "Simply apply your activator of choice and slowly glide your device upward three times in each section of your face: neck, cheek, forehead."

When you're using the NuFACE Trinity® or Mini, it will beep whenever it's time to move to a new spot on your face, but—and this might surprise you—you shouldn't feel anything.

"The common misconception I hear from many clients is that they should feel a 'shock' for treatments to work," Peterson says. "If a tingling sensation is experienced, the microcurrent is actually bouncing off the skin, becoming ineffective. The goal of your NuFACE treatment is to not feel anything!"

How do you choose the microcurrent facial device for you?

If you'd consider yourself a proud member of the skin-care newbies club—or if you're always on the go—Peterson recommends the NuFACE Mini Device. "Its compact silhouette is a great getaway companion to simply tone, lift, and contour," she says.

Already on a first-name basis with your facialist or ready to take things up a notch? Opt for the NuFACE Trinity® Device, which has all the same benefits of the Mini but also allows you to choose from a few different targeted treatment attachments to align with your specific skin goals. "Our Effective Lip & Eye Attachment targets muscles around your eyes, lips, and brows, while the brilliant Trinity® Wrinkle Reducer treats full-face wrinkles using LED Red Light Therapy," Peterson says. Beauty expert mode: activated.

Top photo: Getty Images/Mireya Acierto

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