Miley Cyrus’ New Converse Collection Is Banking on Star Power

Photo: Converse
This week, singer, actress, and lover of both Liam Hemsworth and super slick ponytails Miley Cyrus dropped her holiday capsule collection for Converse.

The editorial shots are a lot of Cyrus (red lip on point) just being Miley—staring down the camera, looking out the window of the vintage convertible she's pretending to drive whilst wearing platform Chuck Taylors, and sitting on a folding chair in the middle of a busy intersection. Super casual stuff, you know?

In other words, Cyrus' megawatt power is in full effect, but the real bright spot of this streetwear collab are the clothes themselves, which are all adorned with Converse's signature, five-point star motif.

The heavenly beings cover a graphic black-and-white velour matching set. They dot the label ribbons running down the arms and legs of velvet tracksuits, envelop a pair of black and blue bodysuits, and sit right at the heart chakra of a boxy, cropped sweatshirt. You'll also find them on the soles of the aforementioned platform checks, plus those of classic low- and high-top kicks, too.

As the collection's homepage says, "Fitting in is overrated," which is why Cyrus's clothing is all about individuality and charting your own path—perhaps one written in the stars. Even if it's only the ones on your sneakers.

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