The One Thing These 7 Wellness Pros Do Every Morning to Supercharge Their Days

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Among the many ways to improve your chances of waking up on the right side of bed is one that's so simple you're probably overlooking it: developing a morning practice.

For every person, there's a particular a.m. ritual (beyond your coffee habit) that puts you in the right mindset to tackle your day. Need some inspo for starting your own? Our Well+Good Council members are sharing their go-to healthy habits for ensuring they feel centered and ready for whatever the world sends their way.

Scroll down to see the morning rituals nutritionists, chefs, doctors, and life coaches swear by. 

Jill Blakeway, DACM, acupuncturist and women's health expert

I spend 10 minutes doing breathing exercises that still my mind.

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Lily Kunin, healthy chef and founder of Clean Food Dirty City

I make myself an elixir—my go-to is matcha, coconut butter, tocos, and cinnamon. 

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Kimberly Snyder, CN, celebrity nutritionist

Meditate, drink hot water with lemon! 

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McKel Hill, RDN, founder of Nutrition Stripped

The very first thing I do is give a kiss to my love and snuggle with Luna (our pup). That's a touch point of gratitude right there! 

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Candice Kumai, rockstar healthy chef

Snuggle with my tuxedo cat, Sisi! Then, I make traditional matcha with my bamboo whisk and bowl. 

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Claire Wasserman, career expert and founder of Ladies Get Paid

I drink espresso, look out the window, and really let myself be in the moment. I breathe and feel unbelievably grateful that I get to do what I love for a living.

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Robin Berzin, MD, functional medicine doctor

I meditate—usually for 30 minutes—and set my intentions for the day. I always get up at 5:30 a.m. so I can have the house to myself and have those moments of space before the day begins.

Since there's some scientific reasoning behind striving to be a morning person, here's how to reap the benefits of waking up early.

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