Let the Stress Melt Away With the Best Mindfulness Practices for Your Enneagram Type

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Ever roll out of bed without much thought paid to the day ahead? When you're not on top of your thoughts and feelings, stress and anxiety may begin to bubble up. By learning how to manage your inner world, though, outer stressors tend to feel much more within your control. That's where the best mindfulness practice for your Enneagram type comes in.

The Enneagram is a personality indicator that encompasses nine styles of motivation. Each of the nine types have repetitive patterns rooted in fear, shame, or anger. (If you don’t know your type, you can take the official Riso-Hudson Enneagram test or find a free test online assessment.) Below, learn the best mindfulness practice for your Enneagram type.

The best mindfulness practice for your Enneagram type to try.

Type One: The Reformer

Ones are self-disciplined, purposeful, and driven by their inner moral compass. They're the Hermione Grangers of the world who want to do things right and do things well, all while improving everything (and, okay, sometimes everyone) around them. They have a harsh inner critic who loves to tell them the way things “should” be—even if deep down, that vision isn't aligned with who they are. Exploring your creative side will help you let go of perfectionism and judgment, and when you can play around without rules or expectations, you'll experience a great deal of flow.

Mindfulness practices for Type Ones:

  • Schedule regular “play dates” with yourself, during which you try out writing prompts, coloring books, and puzzles.
  • Release the tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders.
  • Notice where your judgments are going and see if you can spot common themes, then let go.

Type Two: The Helper

Twos are the kind of friend you FaceTime for a late-night heart-to-heart, or when you need a pep talk. They are warm, generous, and nurturing, but they also thrive on being needed. It can be easy for Twos to get swept away in the lives of people important to them instead of focusing on themselves. While Twos can be driven and ambitious, they often repress sadness, anger, and even their own needs, creating misalignment. Being intentional about their self-care allows for Twos to be present to what's most important to them.

Mindfulness practices for Type Twos:

  • Start a mantra-based meditation practice, where you repeat a word or phrase to clear negative thoughts.
  • Set daily, weekly, or lunarly intentions that guide your focus.
  • Speak to yourself in the same positive way that you speak to others.

Type Three: The Achiever

Threes are hardworking hustlers, but at their core, they have a deep desire to feel worthy. They’ll often do whatever it takes to succeed, which can both lead to burnout and also the risk of chasing what they think they want instead of what they actually want (hello, identity crisis). At their best, Threes are a beacon of hope and inspiration. To be the changemakers that they are, they need to disconnect from their desire to "do" and instead let themselves "be."

Mindfulness practices for Type Threes:

  • Digital detoxes: Begin the day with reading, journaling, or movement, and give yourself social-media-free hours.
  • Explore hobbies that aren’t connected to success or achievement.
  • Show love for your community by helping someone in need or giving back to causes you care about.

Type Four: The Individualist

Fours are sensitive, expressive, and deeply in touch with their emotional world. They long to be seen and understood while creating a unique identity that sets them apart from others. In the search for identity, however, they compare themselves to other people and focus on what's wrong or missing inside of them. The key to growth for Fours is to recognize their gifts and align with their true selves instead of a created version. From there, they can build the life of meaning that they crave.

Mindfulness practices for Type Fours:

  • Practice positive self-talk that reinforces your self-worth (i.e., instead of “I wish I had their life,” try “I have a lot to be proud of”)
  • Track your moods and energy levels. This brings greater awareness into your patterns and helps you understand your triggers
  • Show your body love: Stay hydrated, nourish yourself, and stretch throughout the day

Type Five: The Investigator

Fives are curious, observant, and are known for their information-gathering skills. They take comfort in retreating into their minds to think about new ideas, concepts, and how to prepare themselves to handle the demands of the world. What happens is, they never feel fully capable or ready to put themselves out there. For this reason, it’s important for Fives to get in touch with their body and take action. While they need lots of alone time to explore their thoughts, this also may keep them trapped in the same patterns.

Mindfulness practices for Type Fives:

  • Meditative walking—move your body and be present with your environment. What do you see, hear, or smell? How do you notice your thoughts shifting as you move?
  • Practice belly breathing to bring more energy and awareness into your body
  • Try lovingkindness meditation to feel more connected to others

Type Six: The Loyalist

You want Sixes on your side when a crisis arises. They are steadfast, responsible, and always thinking two steps ahead. As a response to the fear and anxiety, they feel, they seek alliances, and they prepare for all the potential pitfalls that could happen. While they tend to focus on controlling their outer world, it's their inner world that actually needs TLC. When Sixes learn to address their fears head-on and conquer self-doubt, they gain the security they're looking for.

Mindfulness practices for Type Sixes:

  • Name your fears as they arise, and ask yourself: Why am I feeling this fear? What is this fear teaching me about myself?
  • Try 10 minutes of free writing daily to explore anxious thoughts without judgment.
  • Try a guided meditation app with exercises to cultivate a calm mind.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Sevens are always in motion, chasing adventure, excitement, and new possibilities. They carry a joyous presence wherever they go, wanting to live life to the fullest—which can also lead to stretching themselves thin. When they feel restless or limited in any way, they have difficulty staying present. Instead of exploring emotions like pain or sadness, they often plunge right into "the next best thing." Mindfulness practices for this pleasure-seeking type helps them stay grounded and centered. Through deeper self-exploration, they can achieve the true satisfaction they're always after.

Mindfulness practices for Type Sevens:

  • Spend a few moments in silence daily. Turn off your phone, your TV, and cut out any extra distractions. What do you notice? How do you feel? Explore what arises.
  • Practice mindful listening, where you are fully present with someone. Notice your reactions, and clarify your understanding.
  • Try a (reverse) body scan by grounding yourself from the crown of your head, down to your feet.

Type Eight, The Challenger:

Eights are powerful, assertive, and confident. They're the first to speak out against injustice or rally up a group for a cause they believe in. Whether they realize it or not, anger fuels their drive, and they put up walls to appear strong so that no one can control them. Because they can be reactive and emotionally avoidant, a positive practice for Eights is to slow down their impulses. Releasing control helps them become more present to their thoughts and feelings, which is key to tapping into their full strength.

Mindfulness practices for Type Eights:

  • When you feel an impulse to take action, engage in mindful breathing exercises.
  • Support social causes you care about by volunteering or donating.
  • Acknowledge where you put pressure you put on yourself to be strong. Where in your life can you free up space so you can put your energy in the right places?

Type Nine, The Peacemaker:

Nines are the accepting, positive, peace-seeking type with the ultimate chill presence. On the inside, however, they fear losing connection with others, so they merge with those close to them while forgetting their sense of self. To protect the peace, they avoid conflict, confrontation, or direct responsibilities. Though many Nines keep busy with a variety of hobbies and activities, this can be a distraction from their real priorities—which is why mindfulness practices for Nines are all about re-establishing their self-worth.

Mindfulness practices for Type Nines:

  • Try EFT Tapping for body awareness and restoring energetic balance.
  • Make daily decisions to tap into your authority, whether it's what you buy from the grocery store or disagreeing with something a friend said.
  • When you feel anger bubble up, welcome it—this will help you set better boundaries and say no to things you don’t want to commit to.

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