Mindy Kaling Says This Is the *One* Thing You Need to Buy for Your Bathroom

Photo: Instagram/@mindykaling
When Dartmouth's class of 2018 gathered to hear alum Mindy Kaling's commencement address, the students were likely prepared to take in some great advice from the funny lady. What they probably didn't expect though, was that a key takeaway would be how to properly stock their bathrooms.

Aside from advising the soon-to-be grads to, once and for all, remove "proficient at Word" from their résumés—"You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel of competency there," she quips—and giving them a heads-up that much of their post-college life will involve filling out forms (#true), she also dropped a truth bomb about something many learn the hard way: everyone needs to invest in a solid toilet plunger. Pronto. "Trust me on this. Don't wait until you need a plunger to buy a plunger," she says.

"Don't wait until you need a plunger to buy a plunger." —Mindy Kaling

Yep, everyone who's been there knows just how true this is. (And if you're one of the lucky ones who hasn't, you can get a little taste of the importance of a plunger by rewatching the cringe-worthy bathroom scene in Along Came Polly during which Ben Stiller's character tries subbing in Jennifer Aniston's character's expensive new Swedish loofah to no avail.)  Hopefully with Kaling's advice, no one will ever have to experience that moment of sheer toilet-related panic ever again. And, you know, ruin a $200 exfoliator in the process.

For Kaling's plunger advice (and more!), watch her entire speech below:

This is the inspiring mind-set Mindy Kaling wants to her child to learn to have. Or, find out her secret weapon for glowy skin.

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