7 Tiny Desk Trees to Really Make Your WFH Space Bloom

Photo: Getty Images/George Clerk
If you're deep in the doldrums of working from home for what feels like forever, may we suggest tree therapy? Okay, forest bathing in full may not be possible for you, but letting a tiny tree into your life might help. In fact, there are plenty of mini indoor trees that would love to find a home on your desk.

Thing is, bringing nature indoors might be give a serious mental health boost, especially if you're stuck in an urban area. Tiny trees, therefore, can gift you some of the best benefits of plants, from improving your concentration to increasing your compassion levels. If you're anxious about your capabilities of being a plant parent, don't worry. Many of them fall into the "botanicals that are pretty hard to kill" category. Final selling point: they're tiny trees! Who couldn't use a little cuteness right now? Luckily, we rounded up a few different options to add some green into your drab day-to-day.

Below, 7 mini indoor trees that will bring life to your desk


I can already feel my cortisol levels drift down looking at this. It's your Bonsai, taking you to a mental space with serene waters, a gentle breeze tousling the grass, and zero Zoom meetings that require you to throw a button-down over your underpants. Heavenly.


Honestly, who doesn't need some serious citrus right now? Though this little orange tree is kind of a long-term investment (it arrives at your home in the form of white flowers) the fruit it produces is totally edible. Love to it, tend to it, and eventually you'll be rewarded with some tart mid-day snacks.


If you're really infatuated with flowers and can't resist a healthy boost of pink, this squat little azalea should do the trick. Wide, friendly, and here to give you a metaphorical hug when you have to compose a "just circling back on this" email.


Remember tropical nights cliff-diving into the crystal blue waters of Maui? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, these baby umbrella trees will give you a burst of being on vacation, even if it'll be a while before you're able to hop on a plane. The best part? They're extremely low-maintenance and can thrive in low light, so they'll be fine even if your window receives barely any sun.


Also falling into the "tropical and extremelylow-maintenance" category is the palm tree. Caveat: This guy looks like he's big for a mini tree, so if you have a cluttered work space, maybe go for another plant. But if you want to view paradise, this Ponytail Palm can get you there.


Okay, full disclosure, the gardenia tree is a little prima donna and needs 10 to 12 hours of sunlight a day. On the other hand, come on, how pretty is this? I'm  biased because gardenia is my favorite flower and signature scent, but there's good reason for that. It's definitely worth the investment if you want something aromatic to take up real estate next to your biggest window.


Finally, we have this extremely agreeable fellow, one that almost seems to have his on ecosystem. The jade bonsai is a great addition to the desk of someone a little bit more forgetful in work and in life; while he definitely would appreciate some moisture, he can live without water for a long time. Maybe you two can share a drink when you remember that "drink more water" was your New Year's resolution (ah, a simpler time).

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