This Was the #1 Most-Gifted Plant This Year, According to Bloomscape

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There was one plant that became a true shining star of 2020, and nope—it wasn't the monstera or fiddle leaf fig. According to Bloomscape, the most gifted plant of the year was the Mini Money Tree. (Something we actually predicted last year around this time... before even knowing what a ride the next 365 days would be.) "The Mini Money Tree—along with the full-sized version—was our top-selling plant in 2020, and we anticipate it will remain popular going into the new year, as it’s the perfect tropical plant to liven up a home office or windowsill," says Joyce Mast, Bloomscape's Plant Mom and resident plant expert.

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  • Joyce Mast, horticulturist and resident plant mom at Bloomscape

The Mini Money Tree plant—which looks like a mix between a tree and a mini palm—is native to Central and South America. And despite being a tropical plant, it's also pretty easy to take care of, is adaptable to different light conditions, purifies your air, and is pet-friendly. But aside from being a great overall plant for any space, there's a more fitting reason why it's become such a popular gift this year. "Many people believe that Money Trees signal good luck and good fortune to come. It's said to bring positive energy to the owner," says Mast. "It's also a popular plant in Feng Shui, as it’s believed to create positive energy in a space."

mini money tree plant
Photo: Bloomscape

Bloomscape Mini Money Tree Plant, $35

With those qualities, it's safe to say anyone would be happy to receive a Mini Money Tree to help bring some good vibes into the new year. In fact, if any of my friends and/or family members are reading this, I'd love to unleash this much good luck and positivity into every room in my home. (Hint, hint.) Because if you weren't already impressed with this little guy, Mast says it can help better your WFH energy, too. "As we’re all spending more time at home, the Mini Money Tree’s stress and anxiety-relieving qualities make it the perfect bedroom or workspace companion," she says.

If you're thinking about buying a Money Tree plant, there are some care tips you may want to keep in mind or pass along to your recipient. "This plant will thrive in medium to bright indirect light (make sure you turn it every time you water it for even growth and leaf development), prefers deep but infrequent watering, and an extra bit of humidity—especially throughout the winter months (try regular misting, adding a pebble tray, or putting it close to a humidifier)," she says.

Also important: Once it gets settled into its new home, it really doesn't love change. "Try not to move it too often, as they prefer to stay in the same spot," says Mast. "If you do need to relocate, you may see a bit of leaf drop. But don't worry—it will adjust to its new location." If there's anything deserving of being on your holiday wish list, I'm pretty sure this plant makes the cut.

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