This Artist Creates Itty-Bitty Paper Plants That You’ll Want in Every Nook of Your Healthy Home

Photo: Instagram/@leocroma via @littlerayofsunflower
Sure, your jungle of a living space is already thriving with plant-adorned walls, living greens in your shower, and an outdoor space that basically feels like stepping into the tropics. But until it's more socially acceptable to live in an actual greenhouse, there's unfortunately only so much sunlit real estate in your home available for living, breathing plants—which helps explain why faux plants and art have grown (not literally, of course) quite the following as of late. And the newest, cutest, trend in the world of bloom dupes includes items that can fit in even the tiniest of healthy homes.

Barcelona-based artist Raya Sader Bujana, mastermind behind Etsy shop Little Ray of Sunflower, is garnering quite the following for her mini faux plants. All her offerings, including monsteras and tall philodendrons in weaved baskets and cacti in terrariums, are handmade from paper (yes, paper!). Plus, she practices an impressive attention to detail, creating veiny leaves and teeny wooden plant stands. In fact, they look so realistic that it's hard to tell you're looking at Instagram pictures of dollhouse-size paper greenery and not the real thing.

All of Raya Sader Bujana's offerings, including monsteras and tall philodendrons in weaved baskets and cacti in terrariums, are handmade from paper.

Bujana regularly adds new batches of items to her Etsy shop, but since it understandably takes a lot of time to craft each tiny model, there are typically only a handful or two available with each restock. The good news? She always makes an announcement on Instagram when they're ready, which is all the more reason to put those post notifications to good use and have your credit card ready.

Check out 7 mini paper plants that deserve a place in your healthy home.

1. Cacti terrariums

2. Fiddle-leaf fig

✨Just cause it's #flffriday ❤️ Swipe for scale ? And as usual, don't forget to zoom in ?? It's difficult for me to keep up with Instagram posts lately, mostly cause all the projects I've been working on have been commissions that haven't been released yet so I can't show you guys ? But I'm working on a new little plant ? I'm making a Philodendron Black Cardinal (if you don't know it, look it up cause it's gorgeous ?) And I can't wait to show you when it's ready... I'll show you some progress and little peeks on stories ?✨? @leocroma #FLF #DStiny . . . . . . . . . . #paperart #dsfloral #paperengineering #rayasaderbujana #papersculpture #abmcrafty #abmplantlady #urbanjungle #ihavethisthingwithplants #fiddleleaffig #ficuslyrata #midcenturymodern #miniature #plantlady

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3. Monstera

4. Sansevieria

✨I hadn't had a chance to photograph this piece ☺️and I've been so busy with projects that I can't share that my last post was mid December ? Anyways, here's a tiny paper reading nook with a Finn Juhl lounge chair and a big Sansevieria ? perfect place for curling up ? Swipe left for details and scale, and as always, ?zoom in ? Also, so many new people here ❤️ Thank you so much for all the sweet messages and comments ??? I'm so excited to have you around! ?✨? ? @leocroma #paperart #abmplantlady #midcenturymodern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #dsfloral #DStiny #paperartist #paperengineering #pursuepretty #thedesigntip #graphicdesigncentral #abmcrafty #craftsposure #creativityfound #rayasaderbujana #calledtobecreative #hallazgosemanal #ohwowyes

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5. Potted succulents

6. Black cardinal philodendron

✨Guys ??‍♀️ Here she is ? The Black Cardinal Philodendron ? Swipe for process and details and zoom in to check out that moss pole and the little pot ?. Also, tomorrow I'll be taking over @ohhdeer 's Instagram ? so stay tuned and follow along over there, where I'll give you a peek into my studio and my week ?. I also just noticed that my last post was May 15th ??‍♀️ It's very hard for me to post daily like other people, mostly cause my work takes so long and most of what I've been working on lately have been comercial projects that I'm not allowed to share with you yet ??‍♀️ So rather than post crap I prefer to wait until I have something cool to show you ? Does this little plant count as cool? ? ? ✨ ? @leocroma #paperart #paperflowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #paperartist #dsfloral #DStiny #dsplants #abmcrafty #abmplantlady #urbanjungle #urbanjunglebloggers #blooooms #psimadethis #papersculpture #paperartistcollective #ohwowyes #rayasaderbujana #thedesigntip #graphicdesigncentral #philodendronblackcardinal #midcenturymodern #craftsposure #etsy #etsyseller

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7. Bloomed cactus

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