The Best, Most Orgasmic Mini Sex Toys You Can (and Should) Stash in Your Carry-On

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I always bring a sex toy with me when I travel. Sometimes I end up using it, other times it just gets to hang out amongst my underwear and socks for the duration of the trip. But no matter where I go, I pack a travel-friendly sex toy juuust in case I get the urge to indulge in a little "me time."

When I'm stuck with just a single bag or personal item, figuring out what's worth packing can be a challenge. Thankfully, there's a smattering of mini sex toys on the market worth stashing in your carry-on, guaranteed to give you orgasmic results without eating away at your luggage's weight limit. These small-but-mighty toys save on precious packing space, are discrete, and won't weigh you down on your ventures. The best-of-the-best come with a lock or a button that puts the device in travel mode so it won't turn on unexpectedly.

Experts In This Article

At a glance:

When shopping for a mini, TSA-friendly toy, Laura Purdy, MD, chief medical officer of the sexual and reproductive telehealth service, Wisp, says to look for a toy that meets your needs and easily fits in your luggage.“There is a vast world of ‘equipment’ to use… what I recommend is that you try anything that you want until you find what works best for you,” says Purdy.

Before you pack your bags, remember:

1. Pack your equipment properly

Make sure you pack your toy in the case that it comes with, Dr. Purdy says. Or, if it doesn’t come with a case, the doctor says that you can put it in a clean plastic bag that seals. “The most important thing when you’re traveling is keeping the toy clean,” Dr. Purdy exclaims.

2. Use the right lube for your toy

Aside from meeting TSA's liquid limit of 3.4 ounces, make sure that you’re using a type of lube that is safe for your body and won't ruin the toy. To be safe, keep silicone-based lube away from silicone toys and use water-based lube instead.

Dr. Purdy notes that, “the reason why we give that advice is because … silicone-based lubricant can break down and damage the silicone in the toys so that’s why we (at Wisp) recommend water-based lubricant.” She continues to mention that while lubricants can come in a range of flavors and scents, while traveling, it’s best to use a lubricant that is odorless, tasteless, and fragrance-free to avoid any unnecessary trips to the doctor's office for irritation while you’re on the road.

3. Clean your toy often

Make sure to clean and dry your toy before you chuck your equipment into your luggage. Dr. Purdy also says to bring the appropriate cleaner (if it's TSA-proof) with you so that you can avoid any contamination and/or infection during your trip. Otherwise, soap and water should do the trick, just make sure your toy is waterproof before you douse it down.

Now that you know the dos and don'ts for traveling with a toy, it’s time to get into this list of best mini vibrators. Each item on this list went through a rigorous test for strength, efficacy, and travelability. So while I ice my undercarriage (post-test), keep scrolling to find the best toys to help you “O” on the go – depending on your pleasure preferences!

The 10 best mini sex toys for travel that 'pack' a punch

Best high-powered toy

Magic Wand, Mini Magic Wand — $90.00

The corded Magic Wand is a coveted toy by most external pleasure lovers including myself. In all honesty, it’s my favorite wand ever. So when I got to try the 9.5-inch Mini Magic Wand, I was praying that it would live up to my expectations and IT DID! When I use the corded toy, I go for the lower of the two settings, but for this wireless version I found the second setting (out of three total) gave the perfect amount of power. Suffice to say, the mini version is my second favorite wand to ever exist.

The only downside is the same as its corded predecessor—it’s not waterproof. But, one charge gives you an ample 150 minutes of playtime.


  • High-powered, amazing vibrations


  • Larger than other mini vibrators, only two settings

Best clitoral suction

Lelo Sila Cruise
Lelo, Sila Cruise — $132.00

I’m gonna be honest with ya, I’ve never been a fan of any suction toys. They’ve always been too small or disappointing in the power department. But Lelo’s SILA Cruise has changed that. With eight settings, this silicone-based waterproof toy sucks—in the best way! Although the entire toy is 3.4 inches large (at its widest point), it has a large opening that pulls all of “me” into it before taking me to the peak of pleasure. Best of all, it comes with its own portable pouch and a sachet of lubricant so it’s ready to go when I am.

I will say that while the entire component fits comfortably in my hand, the only thing that would make this toy even better was if the buttons were a bit more defined. The raised silicone controls become a little hard to feel for if there’s too much lubrication at play.


  • Clitoral focus, waterproof


  • Wide build, hard-to-locate buttons

Most compact toy

Maude, Drop — $49.00

Maude’s Drop is the most compact toy on this list. At under three inches tall, it can fit discretely in even the most crammed carry-ons. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and comes with its own travel pouch. The 3-speed vibrating toy comfortably fits in the palm of my hand and, while it’s not super strong, it’s enough to get the job done. One charge gives you up to two hours to explore all the ways you can “drop” into your pleasure.

The only warning I’d give about this toy is that it might pop out of your palm with a slick lubricant. So while it is water-resistant, it might be a bit slippery in that post-flight bath…


  • Super small, 3 vibration settings


  • Less strong vibrations, slippery in use

Best basic

Bloomi, Play Mini Vibrator — $35.00

Want a no-frills vibrator that’s suitcase-savvy and guaranteed to get the job done? Meet Bloomi’s Mini Play, the tiny version of its original Play. This sleek, silky vibrator fits in the palm of your hand, meaning it also fits neatly into things like backpacks, duffel bags, and even purses. When you’re hitting the road (or air), press the travel lock to keep it from turning on. When you arrive, there’s three vibration intensities to explore that allow for up to an hour of continuous use on a full charge.


  • Compact, simple


  • One hour of charge

Best G-spot stimulator

Fun Factory x Lovers, Semilino Vibrator — $90.00

Want to pack some G-spot action in your bags? Get this vibrator. At 6.8 inches long and 1.3 inches wide, you can easily zip it into a carry-on or backpack for penetrative play when you arrive. Bonus points for the built in travel-lock that keeps your bag from causing a buzz.

The power of this 6-pattern, 6-intensity vibe comes from its curves and ridges. I found that slowly moving it in and out was key in getting me to climax, and its ergonomic handle allows for just that. Just note, this toy does not have a flared base so please do not use it for anal play.


  • Textured exterior, G-spot stimulation


  • Larger than other mini toys

Best butt plug

A-Play, Vibe Beginner Plug — $79.00

Speaking of anal play, this small butt plug is a great travel companion. It’s compact, unnoticeable, and remote controlled for pleasure any time it’s inside you. The powerful plug inserts four inches of silicone and offers 10 modes to play with, giving you plenty of patterns and pulses to explore. One charge will last up to one hour, though, so press play wisely.

Just… please don’t wear the butt plug while you travel and save TSA the hassle of needing to give you a strip search. Please?


  • Compact, remote-controlled, 10 modes


  • Might be too small for those who love anal play

Best budget

Skyn, Thrill Bullet Massager — $15.00

Plane tickets and fuel is expensive enough—why should you drop more on a vibrator? Enter, Skyn’s new line of travel-friendly toys that are easy on your body and your wallet. Don’t let the price tag fool you—Thrill is powerful, designed with three vibrating speeds that allow you to ramp up playtime to your liking. Its small, bullet shape can be tossed into a purse or handbag (in a plastic baggie, of course)—it’s that tiny and travel-friendly. You’re welcome.


  • Inexpensive, super discreet look


  • Loud

Best packaging

Bellesa Boutique, Demi Wand — $69.00

The moment I laid eyes on the Demi Wand from Bellesa Boutique I knew I had to have it in my collection. It comes in a hard case that simultaneously charges the yellow wand, so you can stuff it into your luggage and it’ll be ready to use by the time you’ve reached your final destination.

As for vibrations, it comes equipped with eight vibrational strength and no funky patterns. There are times when I just want vibration—no random rhythms just a steady buzz—and this toy delivers just that. All in all, it’s an excellent toy, but if there was anything to point out, the buzz levels all do feel a bit similar, especially at the higher levels. This toy will still help you climax, it just might take a bit longer than a Magic Wand would.


  • Charging case, eight vibration settings


  • Vibration patterns are similar

Most discreet

Crave, Vesper — $69.00

The first toy I ever got for myself was Vesper by Crave. Why? I wanted something that was sneaky and easy to hide. From the outside, one might think that this is just a pendant necklace, but with the press of a button, it turns into a powerful 3.8-inch bullet vibrator.

The top of the necklace (that is attached to the 26-inch chain) unscrews for easy USB charging making it so convenient to travel with. Plus, the stainless steel body means easy clean and compatibility with both water and silicone based lube. But best of all, it doesn’t have to be packed away in a bag—it can just be worn, doubling as trendy jewelry until you get to where you’re going.


  • Incredibly discreet, powerful vibrations, USB charging


  • Small end; unable to cover large surface area

Best for couples

Zalo, Aya Wearable Vibrator — $99.00

Zalo’s Aya Wearable Vibrator looks like a work of art with its golden magnetic plate front and center. Looks aside, it’s designed to be a wearable vibrator that can be controlled via remote. The gold “shield” easily locks the toy into place outside underwear, while the clitoral and vaginal vibrations stimulate the vulva discretely. It can be worn solo, but it’s especially ideal for couples or sexual partners thanks to that remote, as partners can control it close by or from afar (it connects to an app.) As if you needed another reason to pack it with you, amirite?


  • Beautiful, dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation, app compatible


  • Hard to navigate for beginners

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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