5 Minimalist Zen Dens in Japan Where You Can Unwind on a Restorative Vacay

Photo: Airbnb
Between the hot springs, the practice of forest bathing, and other wellness-centric life-changing experiences, there's no shortage of reasons to visit Japan. In fact, its capital, Tokyo, is the one place for which Anthony Bourdain says he would ditch his wanderlust lifestyle and settle down. Recently, the country has also inspired an onslaught of mindful life organization hacks, home decor trends, beauty rituals, and even tips for (finally!) becoming a morning person—i.e., it's practically a wellness nation.

Have I piqued your interest enough to visit the country? If so then get excited, because I've also found five Airbnbs where you can have a restorative vacation and also gather home-decor inspo from the gorgeous spaces.

Check out the Airbnbs below to get the Zen vibes flowing.

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