Miranda Kerr’s 4-Step Plan to Reset Your Complexion in No Time Flat

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January consistently presents itself as a perfect blank slate in which to write all kinds of fresh goals. While strengthening one's fitness game often gets much of the new year love, it's also prime time to finally get your skin looking better than it's ever looked before. But as you're becoming more diligent about ingredients and building up a foundational skin-care routine, it's important to not forget about the basics that also lead to a healthy complexion.

Take it from Miranda Kerr, supermodel, mother, Well+Good Council member, and beauty brand CEO who's all about taking a holistic approach to beauty. While the multi-hyphenate loves a good, clean skin-care product, she's also always preaching the importance of living a healthy life in other ways in order to reap the glowy skin benefits. To get her secrets, I spoke with Kerr about her tips for ensuring your complexion stays radiant year-round. Keep scrolling for her healthy skin advice.

Miranda Kerr's 4-step plan for glowing skin in 2019

1. Take time out for yourself: "I feel that it’s so important to take a little time each day for yourself," says Kerr, who just had her second child (in other words: finding that time is hard but essential). "For me personally, I find if I can take 15 minutes to do a meditation or set aside some time to exercise, I feel much more balanced and am able to give so much more to my family, work, and friends."

2. Prepare for sleep: As you well know, getting sufficient ZZZs is key for everything from lower stress levels to getting healthier skin. "Sleep is so crucial for your overall wellness," says Kerr. Her trick for getting enough? "Incorporate a nighttime ritual to help yourself wind down from the day and to encourage a restful night's sleep. I like to do a meditation, turn off the WiFi, and then mist my face and pillow with the Kora Organics Calming Mist ($34) as the aromatherapy is very soothing and relaxing."

3. Practice facial massage: "A new step to my morning and evening beauty routine is using a rose quartz gua sha stone to practice the ancient healing technique," says Kerr, who swears by the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation benefits of massaging your face with the stone. "It’s used to massage your face and neck to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while lifting, toning, and sculpting. I use this technique daily for a 5-minute facial massage with a facial oil as it also helps it absorb deeper into your skin."

4. Drink cold-pressed celery juice: Turns out Kerr's a fan of the wellness green drink du jour: celery juice. " I have been starting the day with a cold-pressed organic celery juice," she says. "I drink a glass on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and at least 30 minutes before I eat breakfast. Celery juice has many anti-inflammatory properties." So take it from Kerr and sip on that for an added glow.

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