The Essential Oils That Miranda Kerr Swears by to Cure Heartbreak

Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr
Some celebrities may be newly embracing the power of essential oils—like Bella Hadid and even Justin Bieber. But Miranda Kerr has known about the plant-powered scents since she was a child—and they've helped the Australian-born supermodel keep her wellness game on point all the way through to adulthood.

"I grew up in a small country town where my grandfather had an organic vegetable patch," says Kerr. "My family was really into health and wellness, so from a young age I learned the benefits of eating healthy and how that makes me feel." So plant extracts, AKA essential oils, have long struck a nerve with the Aussie—and they came to her rescue as an adult, when she was dealing with depression (which she has opened up about before).

"After Orlando [Bloom] and I separated and I was quite depressed, I spoke to my aromatherapist in Australia," she says. "I've used aromatherapy before—I use lavender to sleep and I love it—but she made a special blend for me that would soothe and nurture my heart."

"It feels like I'm getting a hug—that's how transformative it feels. I keep it in my handbag now at all times."

And that it did—Kerr loved it so much that she's now included it in the new additions to her Kora Organics line (which are now available at Sephora). The Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil ($48) is that same elixir, and "if you apply it to your heart chakra, you're feeding your mind with these positive, supercharged oils that really uplift your mind and spirit," she says.

The essential-oil concoction consists of rose otto ("which helps open the mind and boost confidence," says Kerr), cedarwood and sandalwood ("which are soothing and grounding to create balance"), and ylang-ylang ("which helps create a feeling of joy and reduces stress"). When Kerr first used the powerful blend, she was overwhelmed with positivity. "I thought it was such a magical oil," she says. "It feels like I'm getting a hug—that's how transformative it feels. I keep it in my handbag now at all times."

Kerr points out that rose otto in particular has studies backing its health-boosting prowess. Combined with the other mind-body powering scents, she's adamant that it's something you'll want to keep on hand for a quick, uplifting experience.

"It's so beautiful...Everyone can benefit from it," she says. "Even with my son sometimes, when he's having a bad day and doesn't want to go to school, I'll put a little bit of the oil on his wrists so he can have a little smell and he'll say, 'That's so cozy!'"

Kerr is all about holistic health—but she does abide by an 80/20 diet, so some indulgence is okay. She's also a fan of DIY beauty—this is the watermelon-potato face mask she uses for glowy skin.

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