Miranda Kerr Wants to Simplify Your Exfoliating Routine With Her 2-in-1 Turmeric Face Mask

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Don't let the culinary world take all the credit for the superfoods like turmeric—it's also a superstar in beauty, too. You likely know that its anti-inflammatory prowess works just as well in your gut as it does topically on your skin, which is why DIY beauty gurus always turn to the ingredient in at-home masks and treatments to help bring the glow.

It's also exactly why Well+Good Council Member Miranda Kerr made it the MVP ingredient of her line, Kora Organics' new face mask which exfoliates and brightens. The Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask ($48) incorporates the superfood—which decongests pores, evens skin tone, and brightens—and aspen bark, rosehip seeds, and papaya enzymes to promote skin cell renewal and gently exfoliate all in a quick 15 minutes. The papaya works as an alternative to AHAs, so it's great even if you have sensitive skin.

Not only that, but the all-star ingredients work symbiotically to erase the effects of pollution and sun exposure—a major perk in the summer months when hyper pigmentation can creep up and you need brighteners to work their magic.

When you slather it on, it of course turns your face into the mustard yellow you know-and-love (great for selfies, IMO)—and the mask has a slightly rough texture due to the rosehip seeds. You can use it two ways, either as an exfoliator that you wash off immediately or a mask that you leave on for 15 minutes. After leaving it on, you gently rub it off with a washcloth and voila: a soft, glowy complexion is revealed. I swear my acne scars are vanishing after using the mask a couple of times a week, which is no easy feat. The best part? It does this will all natural and organic ingredients.

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