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3 Mindful Habits Miranda Kerr Used to Overcome Depression, Post-Divorce

Katie Maguire

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Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr
Miranda Kerr is practically the golden child of wellness.

From perfecting an 80/20 diet to keep her healthy (but still satisfied with triple-cream goat cheese indulgence) to helping lead the charge in the clean-beauty revolution—ranging from  DIY watermelon-potato face masks to her own line of all-natural skin care products—there's no wellness hack that this supermodel hasn't tried.

Which is why it's no surprise that when the going gets tough—and the tough turns into a mental health check for the normally super-happy and positive Kerr—she turns right to mindfulness to help her power through.

In a new interview with Elle Canada, the businesswoman and mom opened up about her struggles with mental health. While she admits that she was "born a naturally positive person," she confesses that she fell into a depression after her divorce.

Luckily, Kerr's strong background in health and wellness—she even admits that if she weren’t a model, she’d be a naturopath—has taught her that a focus on the mind and body will help build "a wonderful foundation for happiness."

Scroll down to see three ways that Miranda Kerr turns to mindful habits for a healthy and happy mind.

Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr
Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr

1. Meditation

Although a generally happy person, Kerr is only human and had some dark days after her divorce from Orlando Bloom. "When Orlando and I separated, I actually fell into a really bad depression," she tells Elle. "I never understood the depth of that feeling or the reality of that because I was naturally a very happy person." She credits meditation twice a day for helping her rebuild her mental health to get through the tough times. She learned that "every thought you have affects your reality and only you have control of your mind." Sound advice.

Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr
Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr

2. Essential oils

While this mindful trick isn't a new piece of advice from Kerr—her brand Kora Organics is filled with different scents and oils—she does have insider tricks when it comes to tackling any anxiety or frustrations. Once at a photo shoot, the on-set hairdresser was having a tricky time until Kerr gave him an oil for stress relief. "[He] was having a challenging time," she recalls. "So I gave him an oil that my aromatherapist made for me. It literally feels like a big hug. Immediately, he was more centered and calmed down—he just felt so much better."

Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr
Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr

3. Mindfulness

While Kerr is good about her meditation, diet, and exercise, at the end of the day she reminds herself to live mindfully and react positively to everything that comes her way. "What I have found is that everything you need, all of the answers are deep inside of you," she explains. "Sit with yourself, take a few breaths and get close to your spirit." This daily mindfulness practice serves to remind her that everything can be handled—no matter how difficult or stressful it can feel in the moment. And she proves that sentiment again and again, even recalling the time her fiancé gifted her a willow tree in their backyard: "I have this philosophy that we should all be like willow trees—people think that in a big storm, the oak is the strongest tree, but it’s actually the willow tree because it’s very, very flexible." Preach, girl.

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