Miranda Kerr’s Secrets for Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

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Supermodel, CEO, mother, spouse—Miranda Kerr is a true modern multitasker. And like any other woman who does it all, this Well+Good Council member experiences moments when there's a little *too* much happening. When she starts to feel overwhelmed, here's how she manages to bring herself back to a more serene place. Take notes, and you'll be equipped with the tools you need to turn #stressed into #blessed.

Whenever I'm stressed, I really feel like being in that moment. It's important. Whatever you're feeling, don't try to cover it up or push it away. Just feel whatever it is, accept the feelings, and know that though it's a challenging time, it will pass. Just be with it and do some deep belly breathing.

I also really love to use essential oils. Lavender's really great—that mixed with ylang ylang, rose otto, sandalwood, and cedarwood (like in my Heart Chakra Aromatherapy blend) is really nurturing and calming. I put drops of these oils on my pulse points and it's really helpful for me when I'm feeling anxious.

"Know that though it's a challenging time, it will pass."

Regular exercise really helps to release endorphins, so I incorporate that into my wellness routine. Even just getting outside into the fresh air and going for a walk is beneficial.

It's important to not be afraid of asking for help. Talk to people and surround yourself with positive and supportive friends. At the end of the day, health is wealth. If you take care of yourself and treat your body as a temple, then it'll perform better for you. It's key, because then you'll be able to give so much more. It's what I've learned along the way.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is an advocate for clean beauty, self-care, and heathy travel—as well as the creator of Kora Organics, an all-natural Australian beauty line.

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