These *Mockamole* Recipes Will Make You Forget All About Avocados

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Guacamole is snacking perfection. Unfortunately—if you haven't noticed—avocado prices are still sky-high, turning the delicious dip into something that feels like it should be reserved for special occasions. The good news is you don't need avocados to get to make something as good as guacamole—not when mockamole is an option.

Mockamole basically has the same vibe as guacamole, just without avocados. It's still creamy with just the right amount of chunkiness to be scooped up by tortilla chips, but it's made with other healthy ingredients that won't break the bank. In fact, there's a good chance you've already had it without even realizing it: Some restaurants whip up a faux guacamole when the costs get too high—usually without telling customers. (Not cool.)

Even though it might not seem like anything could possibly replace avocados, these mockamole recipes are completely worthy of your attention.

5 mockamole recipes that are cheaper, easier, and just as healthy as guac

broccomole recipe
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1. Broccomole

Broccoli doesn't seem like it would make the best guac base, but this recipe proves otherwise.

smashed pea toast
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2. Smashed pea guacamole

This pea spread isn't just a great avocado replacement on toast. It's also perfect for snacking.

edamame guacamole

3. Edamole

This green dip swaps avocados for edamame for the high-protein combo of your dreams.

asparagus and pea guacamole
Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

4. Asparagus and pea guacamole

Blending asparagus and peas together creates a ridiculously creamy avocado-free guac. Who knew?

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5. Mexican squash mockamole

The secret ingredient some restaurants use to replace avocados in guacamole? Mexican squash, which is kind of like zucchini.

Give your avocado toast a makeover with this yummy split pea dip. You can also whip up a batch of this healthy beet hummus.

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