You Only Need 3 Ingredients To Make This Mood-Boosting, Booze-Free Tropical Mojito

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POV: You’re on a tropical holiday soaking up the sun and lounging on a plush poolside chaise. Life really couldn’t get any better. That is... until you find out that the bar is serving a refreshing alcohol-free mojito that's loaded with electrolytes and mood-boosting benefits. Order for one, please.

Whether you’re embarking on your first-ever Dry January (or “Damp” January), research shows that going booze-free can help boost your heart health and sleep quality, both in the long and short term. While cutting back on your alcohol consumption (let alone giving it up altogether) can be a challenging commitment for some—drinking has been heavily intertwined with social gatherings for ages in our society, after all—sipping on delicious alcohol-free drinks with functional health benefits can help squash any lingering FOMO. Win-win.

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On the latest episode of Plant-Based, Rachelle Robinett, a registered herbalist and the founder of Supernatural, shows us how to make a refreshing alcohol-free mojito packed with mood-boosting ingredients. This delicious citrusy drink perfectly replicates the immaculate vacay vibes of a White Lotus beachside resort—minus all of the drama, of course.

Health benefits of this non-alcoholic, liver-boosting “mojito” recipe

There are a few key components that make a mojito, well, a mojito. Typically, this type of drink consists of a mix of mint, sugar, lime, rum, and soda water. In Robinett’s non-alcoholic mojito, she replicates the flavors of the classic cocktail with a few additional a-lot-better-for-your-liver-than-alcohol-ingredients. According to Robinett, adding greens—sea greens in particular—is the key to making this drink as soothing for your liver and your mood as possible.

When adding greens to drink recipes, Robinett likes to rely on dense, liquid forms of spirulina, chlorella, and chlorophyll. “We get electrolytes, liver support, minerals and vitamins, and certain phytonutrients—plant compounds that help support the function of our liver—[from] greens,” Robinett says. In this recipe, she opts for spirulina, a saltwater-derived blue-green algae that not only gives this beverage a vibrant green color but also adds tons of liver-boosting benefits (plus vitamins, minerals, immune health support, and potent antioxidants). Spirulina also contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, which can help boost your mood and promote more restful sleep.

Additionally, research shows that sea greens, like spirulina, can help fight free-radical damage and reduce inflammation in the body. But it's not the only active ingredient doing so. For a unique twist, Robinett garnishes the rim of the serving glass for the non-alcoholic mojito with activated charcoal.

The carbon in the charcoal, Robinett says, acts as a natural binder, attracting other substances it comes into contact with in the gastrointestinal tract and preventing them from being absorbed into your system. This can assist with removing toxic chemicals in the body (however, it’s important to note that it may also soak up the good-for-you nutrients in your system, as Shilpi Agarwal, MD, previously shared with Well+Good). This is why—like most things in life—it’s important to consume this ingredient in moderation.

Finally, to up the ante on the mood-boosting, inflammation-fighting front, Robinett also adds powdered electrolytes into the mix. Why? Well, electrolytes—essential minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium—are vital to many key functions in the body and are essential for staying appropriately hydrated, especially as you age. And for that iconic mojito-like flavor, she adds a squeeze of lime, which Robinett says encourages our liver to produce enzymes that are helpful for rebalancing our health overall. To get the full scoop on how to make this tasty “mojito” recipe and all of its liver-supporting benefits, check out the full episode.

Liver-supportive mojito mocktail recipe

Yields 1 serving

1/2 cup water (still or sparkling)
1/2 Tsp greens (liquid spirulina)
1 serving electrolyte powder (lemon-lime flavored)
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Activated charcoal, optional, for garnish
Salt, optional, for garnish
Mint sprig, optional, for garnish

1. In a glass, add water, liquid spirulina, electrolyte powder, and lime juice.

2. Meanwhile, prep the glass by lining the rim with charcoal and salt mixture.

3. Add ice to a serving glass, add the spirulina mixture, top with a splash of sparkling water, and garnish with mint.

Serve this liver-supporting mojito with a de-stressing raspberry mocktail for the perfect alcohol-free happy hour:

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