The Glowing Green Smoothie That Kick-Starts Molly Sims’ Day

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molly-sims-morning-routine-2Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Molly Sims and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.

Molly Sims
Actress, model, and author of The Everyday Supermodel and

I normally wake up around 6:30 a.m. with my little ones. Brooks runs into my room and yells, “Let’s go get, chicka chicka boom boom!” Then we’ll bring Scarlett in for our daily cuddle session and read our favorite book together. I can’t remember the last time I even slept in until 8 a.m., but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once we’re out of bed, I always start my day with a green smoothie. My favorite is a version from my nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, called the Glowing Green Smoothie. I also love making smoothie bowls and topping them with some nuts, fresh berries, and chia seeds.

molly-sims-morning-routine-1I like to pack up snacks in the morning to keep with me throughout the day. Almonds are my go-to. They're loaded with health benefits and keep me charged and full. I like to just eat them plain. For snacking on-the-go it helps to have the correct portions of your preferred snack pre-bagged and ready; it helps me not overindulge or skip meals.

After breakfast, it’s vitamins. I’ve been taking prenatal supplements religiously since I turned 30 for a variety of reasons. They are excellent for healthy skin, hair, and nails. I also love fish oil supplements for essential fatty acids. Of course, I try to eat as healthy as possible to get my nutrients that way; nothing is better than fresh food from the source.

I always try to fit a workout in the morning when I can. Not only is it good for me, but it also sets a great example for my children. I still remember my own super-momma waking up early and heading to the high school track to walk her laps. I try to mix it up: I love Pilates, yoga, spinning, hiking... just about everything. Since my schedule is so much busier with a six-month-old and a pre-schooler, I’ve been doing little fitness hacks throughout my day to take the place of any gym time I’m missing. Even if it’s just taking the stairs, in my opinion, everything counts.

Before starting the day, meditating is a must. My instinct is always to go, go, go, and move, move, move. Yoga and meditation help slow me down and allow me to be more in the present moment.

These days, I keep my beauty routine pretty simple. All I need before I head out the door is a little tinted moisturizer—I love Eve Lom—some mascara, a hint of bronzer on my cheeks for a healthy glow, and some lip gloss. By Terry Baume de Rose is my go-to for lips and eyes. Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that if you don’t take care of your skin, it doesn’t matter what type of expensive makeup you buy, you’re not going to look good. And for the rest of the day? Drink lots and lots of water. —As told to Victoria Lewis

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(Photos: Courtesy of Molly Sims)

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