Molly Sims Reveals Her First-Ever Athleisure Collaboration and the One Product That’s Absolutely Changed Her Workout

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Molly Sims moves her body every day—whether hitting up a HIIT workout or just taking a walk to get her system going. As a result, the actress and model knows a thing or two about what to wear while being physically active. Which is why her first ever athleisure collaboration with Nylora is so fitting—it’s based on movement but also function. “It will take you from the studio to the street in the most put-together way,” she says.

Nylora’s founder and creative director Carolyn Jang emphasizes that her clothes are meant to be worn both for a workout and for just normal, everyday life—aka “versatility.”

“In Korea, the culture is that workout clothes are meant to only be worn at the gym," she says. "While living between Seoul and the U.S., I realized there was a need for really polished looks that are just as great in the gym as they look out at brunch, so I founded Nylora to help bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and activewear. I often include outerwear in my collections as I want women to have full looks as options and know that technical, performing fabrics can look chic, too.”

We caught up with Sims to talk more about her collaboration with the small, woman-owned biz, along with her favorite type of workout.

Well+Good: Congrats on the new collab with Nylora. Can you tell us more about it?

Molly Sims: I love it so much. The Molly Sims x Nylora capsule is the ultimate cool girl, monochromatic look.

W+G: What are your favorite ways to work out?

MS: I love HIIT workouts. I need to do quick, high-intensity workouts that get my heart rate up because that’s when I see results. My go-to trainers are Luke Milton of Training Mate and Lacey Stone. I also like to switch it up with other types of workouts—I enjoy Hot Pilates by Shannon Nadj, Melissa Wood Health, and then Katia Pryce’s DanceBody.

W+G: What's the one type of workout you think everyone should try at least once?

MS: HIIT! You’ll be exhausted, but you’ll see results.

W+G What one product has changed the way you workout?

MS: P.volve’s p.ball ($60). I swear that thing targets muscles that I never even knew I had.

W+G: What are some of your favorite pieces in this line?

MS: The leggings are my favorite—I can literally wear them with a sweater, sweatshirt, or a jacket. They're super versatile.

W+G: How do you like to wear them outside of working out?

MS: I like to wear them with a blush sneaker or a sweatshirt under the jacket if I need an extra layer.

W+G: What do you do on those days where it seems just truly hard to move your body?

MS: Even if I’m feeling sluggish, I’ll try to just go for a walk on my street or on the treadmill just to move. I always feel better even if it’s just for a quick 20 minutes.

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