This Museum Is Making Some Serious Mindfulness Moves

Photo: Instagram/@themuseumofmodernart
When you need to meditate, pretty much anywhere will do—your own Zen den, a repurposed phone booth, or a Lululemon store. Even if achieving your blissed-out state of mind requires little more than an app, it doesn't hurt to practice mindfulness surrounded by Monets and Picassos. Once a month for the past year, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City has offered just this by doubling as a pseudo-meditation studio.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of MoMa's Quiet Mornings meditation program, and the art-filled space is attracting some big names in wellness for its new series of crack-of-dawn monthly mindfulness sessions: None other than Latham Thomas (Well+Good Council member, Mama Glow founder, and recent second-time author of Own Your Glow) is leading tomorrow's practice.

Latham Thomas' guided meditation will combine breath, sound, and movement for an immersive mind-body experience.

But don't just expect your usual oms; Thomas' guided meditation will combine breath, sound, and movement for an immersive mind-body experience, set to the live music of Morely.

Thomas is joining an impressive roster of guides for this first-of-its-kind museum initiative. The program, which Flavorpill founder Sascha Lewis started, was previously been led by yogi Elena Brower, Club Soda co-founder and meditation expert Biet Simkin, and even former NFL player Keith Mitchell, among others.

Latham Thomas MoMA Quiet Mornings
Latham Thomas. Photo: Instagram/@glowmaven/@syedyaqeen

Aside from, you know, getting to meditate in a state-of-the-art cultural mecca among a few hundred creatives, during Quiet Mornings, MoMa opens at 7:30 a.m., which gives you a full hour to snoop around before the half-hour meditation sesh calls.

If you're in LA, expect to see a Quiet Mornings pop up at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) come November.

In the meantime, get your Zen on while also getting your art fix, New Yorkers.

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