The Best ‘Money Day’ for Each Zodiac Sign This Spring, According to Astrologers

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During spring, the sun shines a little brighter and flowers start to bloom, and all that beauty might give one an extra pep in their step. But those pretty aesthetics aren't the only goodness to expect from the season. According to astrologers, the cosmos are set up perfectly for each zodiac sign to reap abundance energy this spring, with their best "money day" of the season.

Each sign has its own journey to take, with different goings-on activated in different astrological houses, which focus on specific areas of life, like personal resources, other people’s money, and career. Because of this, the best money day of spring for each zodiac sign is different.

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Read on to see when your zodiac sign can expect to experience abundance this spring, as well as how to get it.

Reap abundance with the best 'money day' of spring for each zodiac sign, according to astrologers


Best money day of spring: May 28

Astrologer and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast Dana DeFranco says that May 28 is the best day for Aries to reap abundance, because that’s when Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and value) will be in Taurus (a sensuous Earth sign ruled by Venus), activating Aries’s second house of assets, resources, and self-worth.

As for the way in which Aries will access this energy, the pros also have ideas: “Though you’re usually more comfortable thinking of yourself as a lone pioneer…you would be more rewarded this spring from focusing your attention on helping others,” say astrologers Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, co-authors of Mindful Astrology: Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.


Best money day of spring: May 20

“The only way to work against yourself this spring would be to do nothing,” say Farber and Zerner. And, on May 20, that very energy will be evident: “That day is when this sun enters Gemini, which is Taurus's second house of money, and I feel like any pressure from Taurus season will be lifted,” says DeFranco.

Without that pressure, DeFranco says, it’s a good time for Taurus to call in abundance.


Best money day of spring: April 8

Whenever the moon is in Cancer, as it will be on this day, it's a good time for Gemini, says DeFranco. “There's a first quarter moon in Cancer in their second house [of personal resources]. Seeds that were planted nine months ago can start to show fruit.”

So, think backward and consider what "seeds" might be blooming, Gemini.


Best money day of spring: May 29

On May 29, this zodiac sign can expect their best money day of spring because Aries (the zodiac’s go-getter) will activate Cancer's 10th house of career, leading this sign to be “extremely tenacious at work,” says DeFranco. To make the most of it, she suggests leaning into the energy, and astrologer Celeste Brooks agrees, adding that it's a great day for Cancer to “have success and luck.”


Best money day of spring: April 30

The April 30 solar eclipse in Taurus will activate Leo’s 10th house of career and public roles, says Brooks, which could signal abundance in professional matters. For this fire sign to maximize spring abundance, Brooks recommends thinking about what skills you might want to develop that will help you reach your goals. A graphic design course, for instance, may make you a more suitable candidate for that new job you’ve been eyeing.


Best money day of spring: May 28

“Venus enters Taurus on May 28, and this transit is in Virgo’s ninth house of sacred beliefs. This is a really important house for manifestation,” says DeFranco. When this happens, DeFranco adds, Jupiter (the planet of luck) will also already be transiting Aries, activating Virgo’s eighth house of other people’s money. DeFranco suggests pondering what you want other people to help you achieve and remembering that you deserve whatever it is you’d like, Virgo.


Best money day of spring: May 10

Lucky Jupiter enters Aries on this day, which means there might be “abundance in Libra’s love life and business relationships,” says DeFranco. To make sure that whatever you get is aligned with you, though, “you must think creatively and outside of the usual boxes. Review your projects with the eyes of a child,” say Farber and Zerner.


Best money day of spring: June 14

On this day, Scoprio’s second house will be activated by the full moon in Sagittarius, which DeFranco says is the perfect time to note the demarcation between what’s yours, what’s others’, and what’s shared if you want to have abundance. This might also apply to what others think of you, which could provide an opportunity to rewrite your story, adds Brooks.


Best money day of spring: May 29

This is the best day for this zodiac sign to reap abundance because Mars (the planet of action) will meet favorable Jupiter, activating Sagittarius’s fifth house of creativity and joy, says DeFranco. “It’ll be a time when Sagittarius can recover what’s been taken from [them] in the past two years,” DeFranco adds. With that in mind, some introspection might be helpful so that you can restore whatever might have been snatched away.


Best money day of spring: April 16

On this day, there will be a full moon in Libra, which will activate Capricorn’s 10th house of career. Additionally, the sun will be in Aries and the moon will be in Libra, which might mean that Capricorn could get a chance to think about their communication and how they can use that to have more abundance in life, says Brooks.


Best money day of spring: May 30

May 30 marks the new moon in Gemini in Aquarius’s fifth house of creative energy. “Aquarius is such a heavy, clever sign, and they might just feel extra charming this day,” says DeFranco.

And according to Farber and Zerner, this is auspicious news for Aquarian abundance: “The energies of this time are all about you injecting yourself into situations in a powerful, forceful way and loving yourself for doing it,” they add. “You must be the boss, not the boss’ friend.”


Best money day of spring: May 10–May 28

Considering that Pisces is set to have the best 2022 of all the signs, it’s not surprising that DeFranco lists a more-than-two-week range as favorably abundant for this dreamy water sign. “Venus, the planet of money, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be co-present in their second house of income and resources. This is a time for Pisces to bet on themselves."

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