Want More Cash in 2017? Try This Holistic “Money Cleanse”

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If there’s one thing that will instantly kill your New Year's buzz, it’s looking at your credit card bills from the holiday season. (Maybe splurging on crystals for all your office mates wasn’t the most fiscally sound idea....)

But before you write off 2017 as a dud in the cash-flow department, consider this: If you can bounce back from too much festive fun by detoxing your diet, you can recover just as quickly from overspending by cleaning up your money mindset.

beautiful-moneyAt least, that’s what holistic wealth expert Leanne Jacobs believes. As part of the four-week wealth makeover outlined in her new book, Beautiful Money, Jacobs recommends embarking on a “money cleanse”—a process of clearing clutter in your body, mind, and environment, an action that's said to help you attract more prosperity.

A certified nutritionist and yoga instructor with an MBA and years of corporate experience, Jacobs swears wellness principles can be applied to your finances with profound results. “I believe the new wealth is a more holistic and spiritual look at our finances; looking at what’s behind the money,” she says. “We’ve become really great at [cleansing] our bodies, but you can also detox your way out of debt. The Beautiful Money cleanse is about getting rid of tension and chaos in your life, and that will create space for more abundance.”

Your bank statement won’t be the only thing to benefit, says Jacobs—you may also find you sleep more soundly, have a clearer sense of purpose, and feel more empowered and less fearful once you’ve cleared out those cobwebs. “This cleanse puts an emphasis on you as a whole being, on your emotions and behaviors, and that’s going to be reflected in your money,” she proclaims.

For best results, she recommends making this an ongoing practice—sort of like a daily wheatgrass shot for your finances. Bring on the green.

Want to make your financial life a whole lot healthier? Keep reading to find out how to do Leanne Jacobs’ Beautiful Money cleanse.

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

1. De-clutter your space

As it turns out, a Marie Kondo-style home clean-out isn’t just good for your peace of mind—it’ll might also help you call in more cash.

“An easy place to start with the Beautiful Money cleanse is your physical environment,” says Jacobs. “[De-cluttering] helps us feel more grounded, and when we’re grounded we’re less likely to emotionally hemorrhage money.”

Unlike the KonMari method, Jacobs has no prescribed order in which to tidy your space. “Start with the area of your home that’s driving you nuts, but which you keep putting off,” she suggests.

And if you’re short on time, the financial expert recommends cleaning up just one spot that can serve as your sanctuary. “Find one area that you’re committed to keeping clean and Zen,” she says. “It’s where you go for meditation or journaling or being creative.” That way, whenever you feel like going on a spending spree, you can head to that zone and do something nourishing instead.


2. Clean up your schedule

Once you’ve cleared space in your home, it’s time to do the same for your calendar. “If you look at a month of your schedule and you’re not pumped about any of it—and a big chunk of it doesn’t make you money—what’s the point of it?” Jacobs asks.

Her solution: Plan two months ahead and schedule in your wellness practices and revenue-generating activities—AKA the things that bring you joy or cash—now, before your time gets hijacked by meetings and obligations that do neither. “There’s a shift back to simplicity happening: Let’s do less, but let’s do it better,” she says, advocating for regular well-being days "where you have nothing to do but, say, go to yoga and read a book.” After all, it’s in these moments of stillness where lightning-bolt moments happen—and one of them might just be your next big money-making idea.

Photo: Stocksy/Marija Savic
Photo: Stocksy/Marija Savic

3. Detox your mental chatter

If you want to attract more prosperity, says Jacobs, you’re never going to get it if you keep ruminating on how broke you are.

She recommends asking yourself where your thoughts are out of step with your desires, and then working hard to catch yourself when the two are out of sync. “Practice detoxing the thoughts that aren’t aligned with what you want,” she says.

A mantra can be helpful with this. For instance, says Jacobs, if you believe you need to burn yourself out in order to be financially abundant, try flipping the script and saying something like, “I attract money everywhere I go in an easy and flowing way.” Eventually, your mental narrative will shift accordingly and you may find your new outlook is reflected in your income.

Stocksy/Trinette Reed
Stocksy/Trinette Reed

4. Let go of control

Micromanaging and obsessing over your budget can be just as damaging as ignoring your financial state altogether, says Jacobs.

“When you’re too controlling, you could be missing out on a lot of the rewards the universe is trying to give you,” she explains. (Like an exciting new job that's slightly below your pay grade, but with lots of room to grow.) “That’s when you stress yourself out—you’re not trusting there’s a greater destiny for you, and you’re creating money in a fear-based way.”

If this rings true for you, she says, try shifting your energy through exercising, meditating, breathing deeply, or changing your environment when not-so-happy thoughts start to come up. It can also help to find a financial accountability buddy to talk you off the ledge, says Jacobs—“someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself.”

Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio
Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio

5. Adopt a new healthy habit

The link between detoxing your body and cleansing your finances may seem tenuous, but Jacobs says they go together like leather jackets and leggings.

“Well-being is the new business card,” she proclaims. “The more you radiate [health], the more people are going to be attracted to you naturally and the more you’ll step into your true power, authenticity, and confidence.” (A pretty good accessory for your next job interview, right?)

You don’t have to dig yourself further into debt or overhaul your entire routine to do this, Jacobs stresses. “You can start by drinking more water every day—that’s the best detoxifier. As you’re moving through your year, you can layer on new habits when it feels right.” And when your brand-new budget allows for it, of course.

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