Monstera Hysteria Has Broken Out on Pinterest, but What on Earth Is the Thing?

Photo: Stocksy/Jacqui Miller
By now, there's a solid chance you've come across a Monstera...even if you don't realize it. The plant with glossy split leaves is showing up in the most Zen of dens, wallpaper designs, dangling from keychains—you name it. In fact, a recent report from Pinterest found searches for it are up a whopping 176 percent. So, here's exactly what you should know about the indoor-jungle must-have.

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant due the holes between its leaves, the Monstera deliciosa originally hails from the tropical forests of southern Mexico. And the current craze certainly didn't didn't manifest out of nowhere. According to Racked, its popularity started growing in the '70s, and then it later graced the living-room set on Golden Girls. And now, millennials are realizing the green stunner shouldn't be relegated to background noise, as evidenced by the super-green Instagram feeds of plant ladies across the globe. And it's easy to bring one into your life, too.

One of the best things about the Monstera is it's really easy to take care of. Apartment Therapy notes the plant thrives in normal indoor temps in filtered, indirect light, making it an easy way to brighten your home whether or not you have a green thumb. And when it's cared for properly—which basically just involves watering it when the top couple inches of soil feel dry—it grows like crazy, even climbing up wood supports if you let it. Just be careful not to let your pets get to the leaves, since they can be toxic to dogs, cats, and people.

Whether you decide to get your own Monstera plant or just enjoy its beauty through other forms—like scrolling through the #MonsteraMonday hashtag!—one thing's for sure: You're not going to see the popularity of this iconic plant die off anytime soon.

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