How to Turn Your Home Into a Mood-Boosting Oasis

Photos: Tappan

When decorating an apartment, it can be easy to pick a perfectly hygge bedspread and no sweat choosing the fluffy rug for all of your girls' nights in—but throw art into the mix and suddenly two years pass by and your walls have nothing to show for it.

It's easy to get decision paralysis: Is that piece really you? Is it worth the price? And how will you feel about your choice, day in and day out?

Picking out artwork can be an intimidating process, but you shouldn't let misplaced fear about messing it up stop you, says Chelsea Nassib, founder of Tappan, a gorgeous digital gallery that helps artists and collectors connect online. She swears that art shopping is as individual as meditation—everyone looks and acts differently while doing it. So don't worry about "getting it wrong."

Art shopping is as individual as meditation—so don't worry about "getting it wrong."

"Anything that you're drawn to is a reflection of where you are in your life at that time, so allow yourself to go with your mind and follow it where it takes you," explains Nassib, who has helped create spaces for celebs, like Miranda Kerr and Jonah Hill, and retailers, including J. Crew and Madewell.

Even though there's no wrong way to create a gallery wall, doesn't mean there aren't right ways to approach it. A super helpful tip, Nassib explains, is to pay attention to the way each piece of art affects your mood. "It's inspiring to have someone's work influence and shape your emotions in such a powerful way, and you should use that to your advantage," she says.

It all starts with being mindful about how something makes you feel. Then, you can build up a collection that is aligned with that feeling. And whether you want to be able to retreat to a calm and serene space—or whether you're a work-from-home type who wants to feel creative and inspired—Nassib says whatever the energy is you're trying to evoke, it's possible to curate it.

Scroll down to see 4 ways to create a high-vibe oasis in your home with artwork.

Photo: Tappan Collective
Photo: Tappan

To unwind

After a long day of work, some want to come home to a calming and relaxing space to help erase the stress of the day. How to do that? "Incorporate soft hues, gentle landscapes and abstract forms to encourage your brain to unwind after sitting in front of screens all day," Nassib says.

Nassib's picks:
Brian Merriam, Awash 7, $140
Satsuki Shibuya, Attimo $400
Johanna Tagada, Rose et Jaune, $800

Photo: Tappan Collective
Photo: Tappan

To inspire

If you're strictly a WFH professional—or you walk in the front door and immediately pick up your side hustle—Nassib says you should find art that helps ignite your imaginative mind. "Surrounding your work space with pieces that are uniquely produced and that incorporate non-traditional materials can help jump start your own creative process.”

Nassib's picks:
Jonni Cheatwood, Charlie Brown in a Wizard Hat, $5,800
Ilka Kramer, Malaznzar 02, $225
Gabrielle Teschner, Rid of Return, $2,000

Photo: Tappan Collective
Photo: Tappan

To uplift

If you're simply looking for art that makes you smile, Nassib says that uplifting art can be anything that sparks joy within you. (Sound familiar?) "Find pieces that have a vibrant use of color and interesting perspectives on reality to add an instant mood lift to any room," she says.

Nassib's picks:
Alice Lancaster, Unrequited Love, $350
Anna Valdez, We Grow Together, $2,600
Annelie Vandendael, Sois Belle 2, $900

Photo: Tappan Collective
Photo: Tappan

To keep passion alive

Finally, Nassib says that everyone should include some kind of romantic, erotic art in the bedroom—no matter what your situation is. "Everyone’s taste is different, so try to discover a piece with sensuality that resonates with you, whether that’s a study on the human form or something more abstract."

Nassib's picks:
Lani Trock, Accidental Pleasure, $260
Eric Chakeen, Girl, $210
Deerdana, Kiss 6, $280

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