How To Take a Ritual Moon Bath and Bring Forth Your Wildest Dreams

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If you're wondering why someone would take a moon bath, consider the moon's special connection to water. In astrology, Cancer is the deep-feeling water sign ruled by the moon that embodies our emotions and intuition. Our moon sign, meanwhile, is indicative of our truest inner self. And when we use that glowing orb for moon water or to bring clarity to our dreams, what we're trying to reflect is the truth of our inner world, and how to bring those desires outward. The moon is all about unlocking emotional wisdom, soul memory, and the subconscious in order to get what we want—and water is a naturally flowing channel to get there.

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"Honoring the element of water through the lunar cycle can bring a deep connection to the rhythms in the body in which the moon creates," says transformational astrologer Corina Crysler. "Therefore, creating a ritual with the element of water is a great way to co-create with the moon and its offerings during the cycles. Moon baths are the perfect ritual to work with the lunar cycles and receive the wisdom that can transpire when we embody the lunar energy."

While moon mapping points to at least four phases of the moon for manifesting, we decided to focus on the two most potent phases: the full moon and the new moon.

New Moon Bath Ritual

The new moon is all about fresh starts and setting our intentions for the cycle. On the new moon, we focus on purifying and recharging, on getting ready to act and getting rid of what hold us back from our dreams. For this ritual, you’re going to want to grab the salt—not because you’re intending to be sodium-rich, but because it’s a go-to cleansing ingredient. The combination of water and salt removes lower vibrations, according to Crysler. Here’s what you want to do…

1. Prepare your salt

Crysler says to mix 1/2 cup of epsom salt and 1/4 of Himalayan pink salt in a bowl.

2. Break out the essential oil

She recommends adding 1 teaspoon of sweet almond or a carrier oil and 3 drops of frankincense, but adds that any essential oil you love works fine. If you have flowers—dried or fresh—add those, too; aptly named brand Moon Bath actually has a New Moon Botanical Tea for $20 featuring a lovely blend of lavender, chamomile, and jasmine. Stir well!

3. Add to your bath and concentrate on your intention

"Before getting into the tub, think of what your intention is for this moon cycle," says Crysler. "Light some candles and turn out the lights."

4. Meditate on what you want while bathing

"Allow the water to enhance your deepest feelings to help transpire the vision of what you are creating for this new cycle," says Crysler. "Imagine pulling your mind down into the water, clearing out all the thoughts and worries and just be in your body. Remember that emotional wisdom is your truth, and that's what you're connecting to in this bath: your truth."

5. Get rid of your mental blocks

You want to let the water wash away any thoughts or feelings that don’t serve your intention. For example, if your intention for this moon cycle is to start dating again, you want to let go of limitations like, "Oh, but there are so many things that make dating impossible" or "What if all I find is swipe-right dirtbags who just want to bone?" We’re releasing all of that immediately.

"When you’re done, watch the water flow down the drain carrying what no longer serves you," says Crysler.

6. Give yourself a body oil rubdown

"When you are done anoint yourself with some body oil and write down your intention for this new woon," she says. Again, any oil will do, but I’ve weirdly had lot of manifestation luck with Rosebud Woman’s Anoint Nourishing Body Oil ($75) or a classic lavender-oil based moisturizer such as Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil ($65). Think of what speaks to you and can truly help you get your glow on.

Full Moon Bath Ritual 

With the full moon, we’re dealing with a fertile and even sexual energy. The moon is at its most abundant (aka the perfect time to learn how to make moon water), and it’s ready to birth something great. That means your ritual is about co-creating and calling in a divine feminine energy, but that doesn’t necessarily have to do with gender. Remember, astrological polarity involves feminine and masculine energy, and the feminine energy is just all about introspection, clarity, and creativity.

With this, we’re looking to get clear on our intentions and truly bring it forth. You’ll want to dial up the sexy and invest in a delicious jar of honey. Here’s how to do it.

1. Make a sensual ambiance in your space

"Create some romance in the bathroom with candles, music, and incense," says Crysler. "Anything to heighten your senses."

2. In the tub add crystals and rose petals

"Dried petals work great," says Crysler. "For crystals, use those that work well with illuminating energy, like quartz, amethyst, moonstone, or citrine."

3. Give yourself a honey facial

"Get into the tub, wash your face and dry it and then apply the honey to your face and neck," says Crysler. "Honey is not only great for your skin but honors the sacred feminine, and is a symbolism of divine nectar which is about creation."

Let the honey work it's magic and anoint you. Meanwhile, use the energy from the water and crystals to generate your vision. What are you seeing? What do you hope to create?

"See if you receive clarity or any messages," says Crysler. "Ask the moon to show you if you need some help."

4. Embody the vision and let the water be the container to hold it

When you feel empowered and clear on your vision (or when your hands start to prune), you’re ready to wash off the honey and release the water.

5. Carry your crystals with you and make your dreams concrete

"Use the crystals that were in your tub as little energy generators of your vision and bring them with you throughout your day," says Crysler. "Write down your vision after your bath."

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