You Can Actually Thank the Moon for Your Weekly Case of the Mondays

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Whenever I write an email that kicks off with ever-chipper "Happy Monday" greeting, I feel like smacking backspace. Happy Monday? We all know there is no such animal. And on a recent episode of the That's So Retrograde podcast, co-host Stephanie Simbari reveals that our Garfield-like aversion to the start of the workweek doesn't have to (just) do with being back in the office. Rather, it has to do with the day of the week's planetary cosmic ruler. That's right, each day is affiliated with a planet, and Monday is moon day.

"There's that identity of 'oops, I got a case of the Mondays,'" says Simbari. "It's moody, it's slow, and we always tend to kind of affiliate that with the idea that it's because it's the first day after the weekend." Turns out, we're very wrong about that. Simbari adds that the reason we feel this way is thanks to the energy of the moon, which is emotional, moody, intuitive, and shadowy. On Mondays then, (or rather, moon days), those properties that exist in your life are simply highlighted.

Considering the full-strength full moon is correlated with raising some erratic behavior, it makes sense that moon day would be a small reflection of that. As a result of the moon's malleable, erratic mood, Mondays can be a tough time to jump into a big project. Everyone is getting pushed around by these emotional waters, and there are simply other distracting topics on our minds than getting to the grind and being productive. And here's the secret: That's okay. It's best to work with this cosmic energy than against the grain.

Simbari goes on to say we'd be wise to slow down and take the time to gather our bearings on a Monday—and astrologer, moon expert, and author of the upcoming book You Were Born For This, Chani Nicholas agrees. "In a perfect world, we would all take today to putter, meander, dream, wander, do what we need to do to take care of ourselves, give our bodies what they need, and gather ourselves for the week ahead," she wrote in Monday Facebook post earlier this year.

That means Monday is really supposed to be about—you guessed it—self care, in whatever form has you rejuvenated for the week ahead. Meal prep! Jade-rolling! To-do lists! Rosé and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! And if you find yourself feeling drained on a Monday and your friend has the audacity to ask you to join in after-work drinks, Nicholas advises that now is the time to use that golden self-care full sentence: No.

Perhaps the reason Monday can feel so frazzling is because we're supposed to be unwinding, and instead we're buried under an avalanche of emails. Unfortunately, there's not much to do about that except write "Happy Monday!" and hope the end of the day comes swiftly. And once it arrives, allow yourself the breathing room to replenish. Moon day is not about being aggressive at work.

That's what Mars-ruled Tuesday is about.

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